Question HP laptop screen fades at angles - lcd cable already replaced

Mar 23, 2021

I have a HP bs100na and accidentally dropped it a few months ago (out of warranty). The screen has started to fade black/white at different angles and so I replaced the LCD cable, however this has not solved the problem. The fading is happening more frequently now and it's difficult to find an angle that it will work at.

When it fades, the screen freezes and anything I do while it is frozen will show once I put the laptop in the correct angle. For example, if I am typing while it starts fading, I will be able to see what I have typed once the laptop is in the right angle.

(I have checked the BIOS and it is definitely a hardware problem as this fading issue happens in BIOS too!)

I am not sure how to fix this problem - any help would be greatly appreciated!!