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  1. R

    Question Laptop not displaying to internal monitor

    Laptop is an Acer Aspire r3 131t-c1ew. Got new Screen for it as previous one got broken. When that wasnt working I had a bit more of a look and found that the screen cable itself had a few broken wires so assumed that to be the problem. Cable arrived today so i did the switch, but alas still no...
  2. nicktheone

    Question MSI GP62MVR 7RF screen upgrade.

    Is it possible to upgrade the screen in this model of notebook or does MSI enforce a whitelist for components? If possible could anyone suggest me where to find a decent upgrade? Right now it has a 1920x1080 matte 60Hz and I'd like to upgrade it to a 1920x1080 glossy 120Hz. Thanks in advance!
  3. dencns

    Question Screen glitch/bug/error within Dell Laptop

    LINK as to what I am seeing: View: My normal wallpaper screen is fine, but I'm getting these green 4x4 dots on my screen when it comes to opening my GeForce and Steam application Does anyone know a solution?
  4. Markou10

    Question Screen, LVDS cable or something else?

    Hello everyone! This would be a little longer post. So, my problem is pink and green flickering lines which cause laptop screen to glitch (on external monitor-TV everything is fine). This first happened about a year ago (maybe more) and I fixed it by changing the refresh rate to 40Hz for few...
  5. A

    Laptop screen goes black, but works with external monitor

    Hi guys. Yesterday, I was using the laptop just fine. I closed it to use it few hours later, and when I used it again, the screen stays black. Tried to plug it through a hdmi cable to my tv, it works, great! Here's the second problem. I tried to fix the problem and I followed this guy's...
  6. P

    Question Screen acting extremely weird: rainbow/bright

    Since about two days now I've noticed my screen is acting very strange. At random times it slowly turns all rainbow-ish (mostly pink and green) and very bright, my whole screen being stuck. As soon as I slightly move my laptop the screen pops back to normal and then does the same weird thing a...
  7. S

    Question Screen flickering on my Asus laptop

    Hi everyone, I've read multiple subjects about it but wanted to have someone's advice Hi have had an Asus laptop as my main computer for a long time. It was always plugged in an had no display problem. When I use it on battery, all goes well except when running under 50% battery the screen...