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  1. SSGB8

    Question Screen LCD or motherboard problems

    Problems with screen( red magic 3 Smartphone) Am having problems with my screen but don't if it the screen or motherboard port for screen . When press down on left of cable(metal connector to motherboard )static increase but when I press right side of it. It dim down the screen and barely see...
  2. SSGB8

    Question Something wrong screen after putting new parts

    Nubia Red Magic 3 Nx629j, I did have warranty but ran out, battery from Amazon, power button from AliExpress ( it was only place selling it) I could have send it to company but they charge $300 to fix. I brought a new battery and power button for my phone but when charger in the screen just...
  3. L

    Question POCO F3 Weird halo in the middle of the screen.

    Very noticable on low brightness and on gray/dark grey content.
  4. S

    Question Booting iPhone after screen blackout

    Hi all, Just wondering if someone could help me out. I have an iPhone X which had a screen replacement a few months ago. The replacement screen I had put on was not a genuine apple screen and because of this, when my phone goes out of charge and I charge my phone back up, my phone will turn...
  5. P

    Question Laptop without screen shuts down after 30 secs

    Yes, I understand this is all my fault but I wonder if there is a way to fix it. I have a Dell Vostro 15-3568. It was given to me because the screen was bad. Showed gray with a white line across center. Worked fine with external screen, however. So I decided to physically remove its screen...
  6. T

    Solved! Screen turned all black after small fall.

    So the screen of my Samsung A7 turned all black after a small fall (<20cm) from when I was sitting on the floor, I've tried various things (such as pressing at different points, trying to restart it etc) to revive the phone but nothing has worked. When charging, the phone doesn't show anything...
  7. LUCARO 7038

    Question My laptop screen frame pops out.

    I recently noticed that I can't close my laptop because of a small crack. The screen works normally like nothing happened, but I need to bring it to other places. How can I fix it? I have an Asus VivoBook X412F. My english may not be accurated (I'm italian).
  8. S

    Solved! Tab S7 Screen

    I got S7 a week ago and was waiting for plastic nibs for note taking. Yesterday, first time I was taking notes, I noticed when I put my palm on screen to write on it, screen was springing ( like when I press a little it goes in when I don't it comes back to rest position. Sorry I am not native...
  9. L

    Question HP laptop screen fades at angles - lcd cable already replaced

    Hi, I have a HP bs100na and accidentally dropped it a few months ago (out of warranty). The screen has started to fade black/white at different angles and so I replaced the LCD cable, however this has not solved the problem. The fading is happening more frequently now and it's difficult to...
  10. laptops 12308

    Solved! Sony laptop has major crack in back and I'm afraid to close it now. Also coil whine.

    There is a huge crack on the back of my parents Sony Vaio Fit laptop, on the bottom right. Every time I touch it or try to fix it, there is a big pop noise that makes me very nervous. When I try to close it slightly, wires and the inside of the laptop show, and I think if I close it any further...
  11. V

    Question Can someone confirm whether fixing this Samsung TV is achievable/economically viable?

    UE55NU8000T I am presuming not, but would appreciate if someone could confirm. Thanks in advance Videos
  12. hillaryous

    Solved! Laptop LCD monitor doesn't work with one laptop but will work on the other laptop.

    Hello, recently my laptop monitor screen stopped working. At first I thought it was just a dead LCD monitor as the laptop works well when connected to a TV via HDMI cable. So, before buying a new LCD and replace the 'dead' one, today I decided to try swapped the 'dead' LCD with an LCD from...
  13. gabriel.nicolae313

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 5 14iil05 display flickering at startup

    I just bought a new lenovo 5 14iil05 laptop, I installed windows 10 and the latest drivers: -Latest intel gpu driver as per lenovo support page -Latest chip driver as per lenovo support page -Latest bios update as per lenovo support page Every time it boots up ( whether I press on the button or...
  14. Dragonsbloodmoon

    Question Laptop screen issue (haven't found exact issue elsewhere)

    The laptop was given to me because of this issue. It was barely used. It's a Gateway MD7822u with Windows Vista (yes I know it's kinda old now '07 to be exact, but has pretty good specs and I'd like to install Linux if I can get this fixed). I press the power key and the screen turns on like it...
  15. L

    Question Tv with sound and super dim picture, won’t let me change brightness

    I own a Westinghouse flat screen, I turned it on the other day and out of nowhere the screen is incredibly dim to where the screen is almost black. I was able to pull the menu up and go to brightness but even at 100% there’s no change...any ideas?
  16. fsmith530

    Question Green grid lines on laptop screen

    I can see green grid lines (which is more noticeable on dark background) on my ASUS TUF A15 laptop screen. I first experienced this when a driver update encountered an error. Then I reinitialize update and the grid lines were gone. I don't know if it was just a coincidence back then because...
  17. T

    Solved! Tv pauses every second or so

    Hi, i recently had my main board of lg tv replaced with a new one and after mounting, installation and switching on the tv the picture pauses every second and again and again. What could be the problem?
  18. Z

    Solved! Iphone 8 screen ripples

    Just got a used iphone 8 and the screen has ripples without me touching it. Any ideas?
  19. D

    Solved! White screen while using Nvidia card

    3 days ago I updated my windows and my Nvidia driver to the latest version, after that whenever I launch a game using Nvidia, the screen is just white!!! I still can interact with the game, I can hear the sounds, but nothing is displayed. The games only works with the integrated card (Of course...
  20. B

    Question Are these scratches on my screen or smth else? (photos and video)

    Hi guys! I have an issue with the screen on my OnePlus 7 Pro, and I'm not really sure what this is. I never had a thing like this on any other phones, my OnePlus 6 had a few scratches, but they never behaved this way. And the thing doesn't even look like a scratch but more of a huge print that...
  21. khushit

    Solved! Laptop screen goes blank.

    My dell vostro laptop screen goes blank after several seconds or minutes, it highly varies, sometime it just goes off right after the dell logo or sometimes it goes of after minutes. I haven't change any hardware. But, the laptop was not turned on for 1 Year now.
  22. M

    Solved! I am looking online for a video or guide for screen replacement on a asus zx53vw???

    I've been searching for a day for any guide to replace my screen that turns off and on. I'm ready to replace it, but i'm cautious because i have never tore down this model and don't want to tear a ribbon cable or important component while changing the screen to one that will stay on all the...
  23. baakudai

    Question ASUS UX310UA - Screen not detected if back cover is on

    Hello! First time ever asking in a forum but I'm braindead with this issue. Notebook ASUS ZenBook UX310UA Problem: Computer screen won't turn on if back cover is on. What I did: I quadruple checked display connector to motherboard. Yanked it back and forth, checked connections. Covered every...
  24. A

    Solved! Laptop screen turns black randomly

    Hello! I have a problem with my laptop screen since about 6 months. My laptop is an Acer aspire 5739G and the problem is that the screen suddenly (without any obvious external factor) turns black and it can stay black from only milliseconds until days before it turns on again. Most often it...
  25. Aribs

    Solved! Mirroring TV to screen

    I want to connect a screen to my smart TV to only mirror the picture. Is it possible using only a cable of some sorts? Ps. No pc connected.
  26. K

    Solved! Screen problems on Huawei

    Hi! I dropped my phone and my screen c*racked. The LCD is not damage because it still work properly but the thing is the outer screen (?) broke and my phone looks ugly as hell. It's also hard to read because the cracks are everywhere. What kind of screen do I buy and how to change it? Im...
  27. A

    Question Samsung cracked TV screen

    I have a 55" TV, purchased in October. We were watching the TV on 31st May, and it made a loud popping noise and then showed a spider web pattern on the screen. I contacted my retailer, who told me to contact Samsung. I called Samsung, who eventually arranged for an engineer to collect the TV...
  28. R

    Question Laptop not displaying to internal monitor

    Laptop is an Acer Aspire r3 131t-c1ew. Got new Screen for it as previous one got broken. When that wasnt working I had a bit more of a look and found that the screen cable itself had a few broken wires so assumed that to be the problem. Cable arrived today so i did the switch, but alas still no...
  29. nicktheone

    Solved! MSI GP62MVR 7RF screen upgrade.

    Is it possible to upgrade the screen in this model of notebook or does MSI enforce a whitelist for components? If possible could anyone suggest me where to find a decent upgrade? Right now it has a 1920x1080 matte 60Hz and I'd like to upgrade it to a 1920x1080 glossy 120Hz. Thanks in advance!
  30. dencns

    Question Screen glitch/bug/error within Dell Laptop

    LINK as to what I am seeing: View: My normal wallpaper screen is fine, but I'm getting these green 4x4 dots on my screen when it comes to opening my GeForce and Steam application Does anyone know a solution?
  31. Markou10

    Question Screen, LVDS cable or something else?

    Hello everyone! This would be a little longer post. So, my problem is pink and green flickering lines which cause laptop screen to glitch (on external monitor-TV everything is fine). This first happened about a year ago (maybe more) and I fixed it by changing the refresh rate to 40Hz for few...
  32. P

    Solved! Screen acting extremely weird: rainbow/bright

    Since about two days now I've noticed my screen is acting very strange. At random times it slowly turns all rainbow-ish (mostly pink and green) and very bright, my whole screen being stuck. As soon as I slightly move my laptop the screen pops back to normal and then does the same weird thing a...
  33. S

    Question Screen flickering on my Asus laptop

    Hi everyone, I've read multiple subjects about it but wanted to have someone's advice Hi have had an Asus laptop as my main computer for a long time. It was always plugged in an had no display problem. When I use it on battery, all goes well except when running under 50% battery the screen...