Question Are these scratches on my screen or smth else? (photos and video)

Aug 30, 2019
Hi guys! I have an issue with the screen on my OnePlus 7 Pro, and I'm not really sure what this is. I never had a thing like this on any other phones, my OnePlus 6 had a few scratches, but they never behaved this way. And the thing doesn't even look like a scratch but more of a huge print that doesn't go away.

Here is a picture - https/ After about month of having a phone and it always being in the case and with the default screen protector I've started noticing the image distortion in the same place from time to time, you know like a huge fingerprint or grease on the screen but it would appear at the same place. I thought okay, maybe I've scratched the screen so that I can remove the screen protector and it should be fine. So I did, but the thing stayed there as if it was either placed through screen protector or from the other side. And again, it's not that I never saw a scratch or a crack on the screen, but never this thing.

Then after about a week, the thing grew, you can see the blue line here - https/
the red one was the initial one that I saw even with screen protector on, and the blue just grew out of the old one. Like I pull the phone from the pocket one day, and it's there. And not like I'm wearing and tearing the phone, just regular stuff - in jeans, inside pocket of the jacket, in the sealed pocket in the backpack. And I live in a big city, and I never notice any sand or small particles on the screen or the case. And it doesn't look like a scratch, but more as if the prints just bound to the screen and doesn't go away.

https/ - is a more closeup shot. And again you wouldn't notice the thing at the start of the day when I clean my screen, but by the end, it will collect some grease and more prints and will be showing.

Here's a video what happens when I clean the screen -

FYI warranty or anything like that is out of the question since, I bought it during the holiday travel, and the phone is not officially sold in my country. Just wanted to know if there is any solution for this and how to prevent this from happening? Are these scratches but look different because of the new Gorilla Glass version or something like that?

Any help or advice is appreciated, just sad a thing like that happened so early in the life cycle :(
Can't make out too much from the pictures, but when you wipe the screen and see the color change then fade, that looks like some sort of bubble or pressure issue. Only thing you can do is clean it with a good glass cleaner and see how it looks. I don't see much else you can do outside of bringing it to be checked by a phone repair shop or the phone maker.