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  1. yashovardhanshrivastav

    Question Is minor cosmetic damage normal on new laptops out of the box?

    I recently bought a HP Omen 15 which has a deep scratch on the left edge of the laptop it is very small, barely 1 mm but it is deep and I can see the metal underneath the paint. I am very sure that I haven't caused it as I noticed it right after the unbox. Just to get myself cleared, I would...
  2. B

    Question Are these scratches on my screen or smth else? (photos and video)

    Hi guys! I have an issue with the screen on my OnePlus 7 Pro, and I'm not really sure what this is. I never had a thing like this on any other phones, my OnePlus 6 had a few scratches, but they never behaved this way. And the thing doesn't even look like a scratch but more of a huge print that...
  3. O

    Scratch or Crack on laptop screen (?)

    So I recently hit the screen of my very recently bought laptop. The scratch looks relatively small (less than a centimeter long), but even after trying with toothpaste it didn't smooth out. Which leads me to believe it may actually be a tiny crack. Here are photos of the damage...
  4. S

    LG G3 few tiny lil scratches on screen

    i've been using LG G3 for past 3 months and yesterday i noticed these scratches on my phone,But i was thinking that it won't get any scratches since it has Gorilla Glass 3. but it's really hard to see those scratches though. so my doubt is , is it really normal for gorilla glass 3 to get tiny...