Scratch or Crack on laptop screen (?)


Apr 30, 2017
So I recently hit the screen of my very recently bought laptop. The scratch looks relatively small (less than a centimeter long), but even after trying with toothpaste it didn't smooth out. Which leads me to believe it may actually be a tiny crack.

Here are photos of the damage:

When looking at it from a certain perspective (above and way to the side) I also seem to see a single white dot in it, don't know if this is relevant. The dot is not really visible from any other perspective so it might just be a trick of the light (?)

Also my screen seem now to generally look always "greasy" despite having cleaned it a bunch with a laptop cleaning spray. As if it was always slightly wet (especially noticeable when displaying white). While i just noticed this, it might have been something that always was a thing of the screen and I just noticed right now because i`m worried about the screen, not 100% sure.

Anyhow, my question is: does this look like a crack that will spread/expand? Is there any way i can check if it's a scratch or a crack? Will I need to replace the screen? If so how much time will it take before the damage actually becomes more noticeable? Is there anything i can do to slow the expansion process? Or is this just me overly worrying about a tiny scratch?

Basically i have no general issue with living with the scratch, but I'm really worrying about if it will get worst. And I am also curious if the slightly "dirty" look of the screen could be caused by that scratch or it's just me getting over-impressed.