Solved! Sony laptop has major crack in back and I'm afraid to close it now. Also coil whine.

Mar 21, 2021
There is a huge crack on the back of my parents Sony Vaio Fit laptop, on the bottom right. Every time I touch it or try to fix it, there is a big pop noise that makes me very nervous. When I try to close it slightly, wires and the inside of the laptop show, and I think if I close it any further, the whole hinge will pop off or the screen will crack or something. Please help! I also have another crack on the other side, but thats minor. I can link photos if you need. And there is a squeaking sound that comes from the laptop 10 seconds after its turned off. I searched it up and its called coil whine, and I need to know if its major and how to fix it. I'm just really nervous because this is my parents laptop and the only one I'm using (until I fix my other one with a SMART hard drive error) and it has all my personal info on it. Thanks!
For a crack, nothing much you can do, need to replace the shell.

Coil wine you also can't fix without possibly replacing capacitors. With the system shut off, it should not be happening however, that is more likely a failing capacitor.