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  1. DarkKing202

    Question Acer E5 573 Series Not Powering On

    Acer Aspire E5-573 Series. Model # N15Q1 Priority: URGENT -Need for University The first time I took it apart, I upgraded the hard drive to SSD and upped the RAM to 16gigs; I put it back together and everything worked for awhile no problem. Recently, the keyboard stopped responding and I...
  2. N

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming?

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming? Dell/i7-8750h/GTX1050/15.6inch/8GB ram/1T HDD & 128GB SSD/fingerprint /no disk reader? Price on sale for the next 12hrs: $1067 in KSA so it's normally pricier than in the US. Currently own an HP pavilion with 8ram,1tb hdd, 840m and i7-4500U (for like 4...
  3. R

    Lenovo Yoga 520 Wont Boot

    Last night while finishing a word document I found my documents to be having issues saving. When attempting to auto save it would want to save to a separate drive. It then refused to turn off through the power off button in the start menu. Tired and getting fed up with it I hard booted it with...
  4. Y

    Help! Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Crashing and Restarting After Wakeup From Sleep Mode!!!(Windows 8)

    Hello, My name's Yomashi and I need help fast. I am currently helping My mother with the production of her company and I'm trying to get all the computers in check before our one week deadline. The big problem I can't figure out right now is why her Dell laptop is waking up from sleep mode with...
  5. A

    Can i use Asus A556UQ Laptop for Gaming Live Stream ?

    Can i use Asus A556UQ-DM868D/DM869D For live streaming? it has 8GB of RAM and 2GB of VGA and i5 7200u. What do you think?
  6. DavGam

    Can´t uninstall Aura, An installation support file could not be instaled - catastrophical failure

    Hello, i wanted to uninstall old aura and install new version, but i cant uninstall or install the new one. Please help. One Two
  7. N

    URGENT: Acer Aspire One Z1402 Battery

    Hi! Can the battery be upgraded? Here's the battery details of the unit. Battery Information Number of Cells: 3-cell Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh Maximum Battery Run Time: 3.50 Hour Maximum Power Supply Wattage: 40 W
  8. S

    Increase laptop's video memory

    I have HP 630 laptop with Intel(HD) Graphics providing me 762 MB video memory, Windows 7 OS, and a 2nd gen Intel core i3 processor with 2 GB RAM. How can I increase its available video memory so that I can play games like Batman Arkham Asylum ?
  9. M

    Entertainment computer dilemma.

    I'm having trouble deciding between these two computers. Any advice would be appreciated. Laptop 1: http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Satellite-L55D-C5269-Laptop-Windows/dp/B014LQ5FOY/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1449094829&sr=8-5&keywords=amd+a10+laptop Laptop 2...
  10. R

    Trying to fix internet explorer

    I am a very active chrome user so i didn't realise this problem earlier. Internet in google chrome works but not on Internet Explorer. Not only that, when i download an alternative browser like firefox, or opera, same problem occurs The error message in Internet explorer is "unable to open...
  11. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  12. shahzeab

    Poor Wifi download speeds with a wireless USB dongle

    Well i just recently made my pc and here are the specs: Intel Pentium G630 2.7GHZ Asrock B75 Pro3 motherboard 4GB RAM i just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 and installed all the drivers/utility software that came with my motherboard and then installed the driver for my Wifi USB Dongle...
  13. O

    Asus Zenbook Ux301 Charger issue (URGENT)

    My Asus charger only works if I press it in really hard. I have the asus zenbook ux301. The laptop and charger were working fine. The laptop is still working because I've taped the charger. Do I need a new charger? Or is there something wrong with my laptop. Waiting for a quick response, Thanks!
  14. Z

    Compact Flash Card Cannot Be Used!!!!

    I have a Nikon D70 and one day my camera said "the card could not be used" and I put the CF card into another dslr and it worked perfectly fine on that one. I only had five pictures on that card if that matters. Then I bought a brand new CF card and the camera said it needed to be formatted, so...
  15. P

    lenovo y510p start up problem.. help please !

    My lenovo y510p is just 2 months old. When I switch on my lenovo y510p , lenovo logo appears for a very less time ( less dan a sec) followed by a black screen for about 10 seconds . Then a screen showing " please wait " appears followed again by black screen. Now after few seconds when I...
  16. BackInBlack47

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi everyone! I need help urgently. When I try to open a hyperlink in Microsoft Office Outlook, a messagebox appears, which says: "Unexpected problem while opening URL [...] Class is not registered" I am not sure if it says this exactly, because I use the software in Hungarian, but thats the...
  17. N

    My laptop's corner looks like a bar code? Urgent!

    The upper left hand corner is white with rainbow stripes on it. At the edges is a black splodge. I don't know how to explain it. Looks like the colour has gone! This morning, I picked my laptop up and heard something move inside. I thought nothing of it so turned it on. It took ages to load so I...
  18. H

    HELP! I have one day to decide which laptop to buy!

    HELP!! I have to decide between: Lenovo ideapad y510P for $790 Lenovo thinkpad x230 for 642$ Lenovo thinkpad s431 with SSD for 615$ lenovo thinkpad t430s for 697$ I get amazing corporate discounts on lenovo but only til tomorrow. This laptop will be used primarily for school. I will be on the...