Jun 22, 2015
I am a very active chrome user so i didn't realise this problem earlier. Internet in google chrome works but not on Internet Explorer. Not only that, when i download an alternative browser like firefox, or opera, same problem occurs
The error message in Internet explorer is "unable to open search page". I ran system scans and unfortunately couldn't locate any malware programs or viruses. The major problem here is, not only the other browsers stopped working, but also every application that has to connect to the internet. This includes a software that i have to activate online as soon as possible. i conversed with one of the Microsoft Techs online and we couldn't establish a connection through the Microsoft support applet.

Please this is an urgent matter. Can anyone please give me a solution?
Thank you


Jun 26, 2015

Hey Randunu. Is your OS and Internet Explorer updated to the latest versions/updates? Also, what OS are you using?