Solved! I am looking online for a video or guide for screen replacement on a asus zx53vw???

Aug 17, 2019
I've been searching for a day for any guide to replace my screen that turns off and on. I'm ready to replace it, but i'm cautious because i have never tore down this model and don't want to tear a ribbon cable or important component while changing the screen to one that will stay on all the time. some quick info though the screen is set to be on all the time unless i set the options back, i turned off the power button turning off or sleeping the computer because it is a key on this computer and not a separate button, I have the latest visual drivers and drivers installed on my pc. any help would be great I understand computers, but not to the degree some of you fine ppl do thank you in advance!


Not sure what you are talking about here, are you saying the screen goes off when you are using it? Did you already check the ribbon cables or try a clean Windows setup? What things did you check that you think you need to replace the screen?
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Aug 17, 2019
My display is not working on my laptop but when hooked up to an external display I can use my computer even when the screen is off on my laptop... Which leads me to believe that the computer is fine and the display is malfunctioning. Hopefully that helps and thank you for your reply hang. I don't know how to install a fresh set of windows. It could be a ribbon cable to the display not sure though.
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