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  1. W

    Question Laptop screen replacement

    Hello, I have a MS-16GD laptop, worked great until yesterday when I’m guessing one of the kids knocked one of their toys into it and cracked the screen. I can still see the loading screen and desktop menu, so I know it’s still working. I saw several videos showing how to replace the screen, but...
  2. M

    Solved! I am looking online for a video or guide for screen replacement on a asus zx53vw???

    I've been searching for a day for any guide to replace my screen that turns off and on. I'm ready to replace it, but i'm cautious because i have never tore down this model and don't want to tear a ribbon cable or important component while changing the screen to one that will stay on all the...
  3. Crazy_Grimold

    Solved! Replacing the screen in a laptop without a removable battery

    I have a ASUS FX53VD laptop and this thing is a beast. I broke the screen and have ordered the replacement. I've watched a few tutorials and it seems like something I'm capable of. But every tutorial says to disconnect the battery unfortunately this laptop doesn't have a removable battery. So I...
  4. S

    Tablet won't turn on after screen repair?

    Hiya! My brother just got his Bush tablet back after a screen repair, he turned on the tablet and it was stuck on the bush logo for some time, then switched to the android optimising app screens, but was stuck on that for sometime too. he pressed the power and volume up buttons for a few seconds...
  5. A

    MSI laptop ribbon cable

    Hi so recently I opened up my laptop(apparently CMOS battery needed replacing) and though I did not touch it, my ribbon cable that goes to my screen burned. The laptop itself still works just the screen doesn't, I can output to another display and use it perfectly. I tried replacing the cable...
  6. T

    Please help. How to change 30 pin to 40 pin connector

    Help. Recently purchased a new laptop screen to replace damaged one. My original laptop has a 30 pin connector and the new screen is 40 pins. Can I still get it to work or do I have to buy another screen?
  7. J

    OnePlus One Screen Repair?

    Does anyone know of a good place I can send my OnePlus One to in order to have them repair my screen? I shattered it in the top left corner near the camera and it greatly upsets me; also, OnePlus can't repair it as I didn't buy it off of them. Thanks for any help guys!