Solved! Laptop screen turns black randomly

Jul 23, 2019
Hello! I have a problem with my laptop screen since about 6 months. My laptop is an Acer aspire 5739G and the problem is that the screen suddenly (without any obvious external factor) turns black and it can stay black from only milliseconds until days before it turns on again. Most often it starts by turning rapidly on and off many times and without any rhythm and afterwards it may either stay on properly or stay black for longer periods. Maybe if I press with my hand the back of the screen, I can see some change in the turning on-off process, provoke it worse, or even solve it (temporarily). I have tested the laptop on an external monitor when the laptop screen is black and the monitor works just fine. I also noticed that when the laptop screen is black, I can try and vaguely see the displayed image on the screen (though very very dark like the only problem is in the backlight of the screen, since the graphics continue to be displayed correctly). Are there any possible solutions to my problem???
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