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  1. S

    60hz monitors and 120hz monitors, differences and other questions

    Hello, I have spent a while researching the differences between 60hz and 120hz monitors, and can't find anything relevant to me or anything definitive, so I thought I'd try asking here. I'm using a GTX 970M with 3gb dedicated ram. If it's relevant, I have 16gb ram and 6th gen i7 - 2.7ghz/3.5...
  2. W

    problem with refresh rate

    Hi guys. I need some help. I have Sony Vaio laptop which have 1080p display and it can go up to 120hz, BUT, when i choose higher refresh rate, then the brightness is a lot darker (i checked brightness lvl and it was at max), Can you guys help me please?
  3. R

    Laptop + External monitor = how many Hz?

    Hey guys! As I'm looking to buy a external monitor, because I'm exhausted from my 15,6" 59.5Hz monitor on my laptop. Here's some specs: Laptop: Asus N56VZ GPU: Nvidia GT650M Connectivity: VGA, HDMI Monitor: BenQ XL2411T Spec: http://gaming.benq.com/gaming-monitor/xl2411z/specification/#skip...
  4. Zuhayr378

    What is crossover frequency (an audio noob here)

    Just as I mentioned above, what exactly is crossover frequency when it comes to audio. I'm messing around with my X-fi motherboard control panel and default is 80Hz. What happens when I put it up? Will I get an audio improvement? By Hz it kind sounds like it has to do with processing the sound...