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  1. G

    The Best IFTTT Applets

    IFTTT applets are simple "if this, then that" statements that help you link devices and automate your life. Here are some of our favorites. The Best IFTTT Applets : Read more
  2. T

    Remote Open Program

    HELP PLEASE! Ok here is my situation.. I purchased the new apple TV and for some reason almost everytime I go to watch a movie in my Library my Library has been disconnected and I need to walk upstairs, close ITUNES then reopen it, then back downstairs and all is good. I have been looking for...
  3. A

    Command prompt if statement questions

    First of all sorry if this is not the right place to post this. But my questions are: 1. Is it possible to make an if statment in the command prompt to measure if a given variable is greater than one number and less than another. 2. This one doesn't have anything to do with if statments but is...
  4. A

    Cannot get my Code in C to work

    My code is supposed to be pretty simple I've searched around the web but can't find much that helps so I was wondering if my code should be a switch statement rather than an if one... Here's my code... #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int num; scanf("%d",&num); if (num...
  5. G

    Python: Reading from file, strings never equal

    Hello! I'm having an issue with reading from a file and then comparing it to a string (Python 2.7.3). For the sake of the issue, I'm cutting out some specifics; I'm more interested in why potentially a string I'm reading in from a file is NEVER equal to a string I'm comparing it with. I am...
  6. G

    C++ if statement

    I wrote this program to practice the if statement. I can't get it to execute the else statement. Regardless of what the user enters it executes the if statement. //A program to let the user entera score and output if the score was perfect. #include <iostream> int main() { using namespace...
  7. jefe323

    VHDL - port mapping from within an if statment

    is it possible to use a port mapping statement from within an if statement? ex: if ( OpCode = "0100" ) then alu_ripple_adder port map(A=>X(0), B=>Y(0), ... ); elsif (OpCode = "0101") then alu_comparator port map(....); end if;