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  1. moulderhere

    Thunderbird > Imap E-mail Download Can I move it to new POP Account?

    Have rogers yahoo e-mail account with a ton of folders. Can I download everything using IMAP into account "Imap". Yet setup a new account in thunderbird set as "POP" and simply move all e-mail from IMAP account to POP account? This is done all within thunderbird. I'm trying to download...
  2. B

    can't empty Trash folder in outlook2010 imap account

    error message: Serious error while procession DELETE (MsFolderNotRemovable (74/82)'.
  3. K

    Contacts lost in Outlook 2013

    I had an IMAP synchronizing problem with one of my email accounts in Outlook 2013, so deleted the account to try and solve the problem. But it also deleted my address book with all my contacts, and I can't see how to restore the contacts. The relevant .ost file had been backed up first, but...
  4. P

    Outlook 2013 IMAP not updating fast enough

    I have two IMAP accounts in my Outlook 2013 and neither one of them updates as fast I remember from previous versions. I will always hear my phone's email alert before Outlook shows new mail. It seems like its at least 10-15 minutes later that the email will show up. It's acting as if it were...
  5. C

    Web-Based Multi-Account IMAP Client? Like Thunderbird?

    I currently use Thunderbird as I have multiple e-mail accounts and I like to use IMAP instead of POP3 as then I can have folders within each email account and those folders are server based rather than client-machine based. I have a couple Gmail accounts too. Thunderbird is rumored to only...
  6. J

    IMAP problems

    Wasn't really sure where to put this one. Since we moved web servers our office is having a lot of problems with IMAP email accounts, the server timeout error is frequently displayed, you can't copy from one folder to another, the webmail interface updates a lot quicker than the IMAP one...
  7. T

    IMAP: Does everybody have lot of headaches with it?

    I've always used POP and its fairly predictable and reliable. Recently I converted some of my POP accounts to IMAP. Its been a bizarre experience. Mail comes down automatically instantly (as it should) then it just stops. Then I get cryptic error symbols so I download manually and it comes...
  8. A

    Sync local outlook folders to yahoo mail

    I have it setup in outlook 2007 where yahoo imap is working. However, I have the old local pop yahoo data that I would like to sync from outlook to yahoo. I have tried copying the outlook pst and renaming that same as the imap data file however all the data erases when you sync it with the...
  9. G

    IMAP cannot download headers?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi I have two users who are unable to download their email to their handhelds via IMAP. User 1: Connects without a problem, enters his username and password, but then nothing appears in the inbox. No errors, just an empty...