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  1. N

    Solved! Is importing a foreign phone still a challenge (regarding bands)?

    Hey all, The Samsung Galaxy M31S was released in India and it is definitely the phone that best suits my needs among the options I have researched. The problem is, I can't seem to find any mention of it coming to the US, but the M31 is going to the UK (I believe). Nevertheless, how can I figure...
  2. C

    Audacity can't open files created by Audacity

    I exported some audio files as WAV using Audacity and now I'm trying to open them in Audacity but it says it doesn't recognise the file format. I've tired Open and Import and both have the same issue. I've tried raw data and that is unusable white noise. I've downloaded and installed LAME and...
  3. D

    .vcf file wont import all the contacts(3476) but only 978

    First of all, Hello guys! I wanted to share a problem that I'm facing with. My cousin had a some oldy samsung duos phone(cant remember exact model). So he used it for business. He has over 3400 contacts in it. He got a new phone, and now he asked me to transfer his data, documents etc to the...
  4. XAKEP

    iTunes and Video Importing

    Last time I have had an Apple product iPhone 4 was the thing. Few years have passed, and my Wife decided to get herself an iPad. Today she asked me if she can have our library that I have on PC to stream on her iPad. Sure thing I said knowing I have minidlna on my openwrt router ,,,,,and then I...
  5. G

    sony vegas: scaling problem on video import with differing resolutions/aspect ratios

    Hi, I'm trialling sony vegas pro 12 to create a video from several inputs. these inputs are shot with different cameras and can have differing resolution or aspect ratios I noticed SV scales the frame size of imported tracks up to the output resolution maintaing aspect ratio, but keeps the...