sony vegas: scaling problem on video import with differing resolutions/aspect ratios

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Feb 21, 2008
I'm trialling sony vegas pro 12 to create a video from several inputs. these inputs are shot with different cameras and can have differing resolution or aspect ratios

I noticed SV scales the frame size of imported tracks up to the output resolution maintaing aspect ratio, but keeps the original resolutions numbers

for example:
output resolution :1920x1080
track 1
-input res 1920x1080; pixel aspect 1 (square)
-shown as 1920x1080
-properties 1920x1080 (in pan/crop, track motion and such)
track 2
-input res 1280x960 pixel aspect 1 (square)
-shown as 1440x1080 <<< height scaled to output height
-properties 1280x960

this makes calculations for resizing and positioning the tracks relative to each other very confusing. I don't want to do this by eye/guessing, I want it precise.

Is there an option to disable this unwanted scaling ?
this is not the "maintain aspect ratio" I've seen answered on similar questions.

best regards
Just in case you don't find a suitable answer here you could try posting the question on Creative Cow in the Vegas forum:
"Adjust source media is a convenience that automatically crops media to the project aspect ratio. If you turn it off and see black bars, just crop the media manually." Source:
Check your project settings and see if there is a way to turn off "Adjust source media".
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