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    Question DiscoveryGo Very Poor Resolution

    I have the Discovery Go app on several Rokus. The shows are unwatchable due to extremely poor resolution. I've tried changing the Roku settings to 720 from 1080 as someone suggested but it didn't help. I don't have this problem with any other apps. I also tried at a different house and it was...
  2. A

    Solved! Increasing Native Resolution over maximum recommended resolution; Can i do it?

    Hi, is it possible to increase the resolution of your laptop screen over its maximum resolution provided? So my screen only caps at 1366x768. When connecting it to a monitor that’s capable of resolutions over 1366x768, the screen resolution of my laptop jumps to the highest resolution capable by...
  3. M

    Solved! Can you watch 1440p video on a Surface Laptop 2

    I recently bought a surface laptop 2 and was wondering it had a 1440p resolution.
  4. J

    Solved! Samsung TV (MU7000) shows highest resolution (3840x1440) but cant change to 2560x1440

    In the windows settings (windows 10) when I change to any resolution above 1920x1080 it will show in the "active resolution signal" 3840x2160 and in the desktop resolution it will show the resolution you chose. however on my tv the resolution will also stick to the same resolution as the active...
  5. M

    Sony xbr49-900f, motion flow dont work with 120hz pc custom resolution

    Hi, Its a real picky situation. Not sure if people already saw that kind of issue Im owning a sony 4k 120hz monitor(xbr49-900f) and the problem is, the motion flow dont seem to work when im on any 120hz custom resolution from my PC and watching netflix. At the start, my pc dont recognize my tv...
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    How to Change the Resolution on your Amazon Fire Stick

    The Amazon Firestick known for its wide range of extensive features has given a lot of importance to the display and sound feature of the device. This has helped the user to modify their display settings including the video quality, setting up the screensaver and also changing the video...
  7. A

    Black bar on monitor

    so i bought a monitor samsung s22a100n "21.5" and its native resolution is 1920*1080 and when i plugged it in the gpu i got a thin black bar almost 3 mm vertically on the edg of the screen now the monitor dosent have any auto adjust and the driver is updated my gpu driver is also updated i...
  8. N

    Solved! Display Resolution Issue

    To preface this, the laptop I'm talking about is an HP 4730s with an i7-2670QM and an AMD Radeon 7400M dGPU. I recently booted up my 8 year old laptop and decided to try and breathe some new life into it. While using it I noticed that there were some issues with how it was displaying things so...
  9. U

    Haier tv - A strange and irritating problem

    Hi everyone and thanks for the assistance. I bought a 43-inch 43k6000 television two weeks ago. From time to time at an inconsistent time she goes crazy and starts looking for a new resolution for television. Especially in 2401 x1080 @ 60hZ which of course creates snow and a broken screen
  10. A

    Tv resolution problem

    Can’t get 1080, kicks back to 720
  11. D

    Solved! What's the highest resolution Intel® HD Graphics 5500 can support for a secondary display?

    I want to buy a secondary display which would be connected to my laptop. My laptop has an Intel® HD Graphics 5500, and the resolution on my laptop is 1920x1080. What's the highest resolution that the GPU can support? Much thanks.
  12. K

    Solved! firestick to projector

    i tried plugging my firestick into my dell 2400mp projector with a hdmi to vga adapter and it keeps on saying searching for signal. i tried lowering the resolution but it still doesn’t work
  13. R

    How to Alter the Type of Display on Your Roku

    Roku provides the users the ability to alter the display type of their wish. They also enable the users to set their own resolution for display purposes. In addition to settings the themes, screensavers, captioning feature, you can now set your own frame type for the better visual displays...
  14. B

    Solved! Mixbook - resolution warning

    I'm using Mixbook to make a gift for my husband. My photos are all getting the warning signal indicating that the resolution is not good enough and may be blurry in print. I have been trying to adjust the resolution using GIMP (like photoshop only free) and that results in very small...
  15. F

    HD laptop-> 4k monitor

    Is it possible to have a laptop that is only capable of a resolution of 1920x1080 with the Nvidia 1080 in it (supports 4k) running to an external monitor that supports 4k? The Clevo p775dm3-g has a 1920x1080 screen but the nvidia 1080 in it. If I got that laptop could i use it with an external...
  16. R

    Hard time finding right resolution

    I have Haier 32" led HD tv model: LE32F2220 I have tried all the standard settings that I can apply the closest was 1768 x 992 but haven't found the correct resolution I have a GeForce 750 ti GPU so I can manually set resolution pls reply with any advice.
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    Solved! Best Method To Download FB Albums in 2018?

    I want to be able to download mine and friends albums in the highest resolution possible, as well as the 'Photos of' album(s). Many of the older methods and chrome extensions are out of date, leading to a bog of unusable links and downloads. If anyone is aware of some reliable ways to download...
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    How to Configure Roku to Display the Best Resolution Rate for your TV

    One of the great advantages of Roku is the high picture quality, but some TV sets are not capable of sustaining HD pictures. There is an auto-adjust display option which can adjust the resolution to the highest rate compatible with your TV set. Let’s show you how use this with your Roku. 1...
  19. P

    Upgrade laptop screen resolution?

    My laptop (Asus X550JX) came in 2 resolutions, a HD+ and Full HD. Is it possible to upgrade my HD+ screen to Full HD by replacing the screen element?
  20. A

    How to check TV resolution on Kenmore tv?

    Hi I have a Kenmore TV. I do not know which one it is. I would like to be able to check the TV resolution or search up the model number but do not know where to find the model number at. Where can I find it at or how can I see my TV resolution?
  21. N

    lenovo ideapad 310-15ISK

    it is possible for me to upgrade my resolution for lenovo ideapad 310-15ISK.
  22. I

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Stretching the Resolution

    Stretching the resolution is starting to get popular in the Fortnite community. It was started with games like Counter Strike Global Offense and now it has made its way to the Fortnite Battle Royale. A lot of players are getting benefit from it and if you stretch the resolution of your Fortnite...
  23. V

    where to buy high resolution displays

    I am trying to make my own vr headset but i cant find anywhere to buy the screens. Im looking for a 2k to 4k 7 inch screen. Could somebody help me?
  24. R

    Watching Netflix in 1080p HD on Firefox or Chrome

    To watch Netflix in a good resolution for a big screen - like 1080p - you will have to use the buggy app that only works in Microsoft Edge. Forget about it if you have a Mac. According to Statcounter, 59.69% of the market is under the dominion and frequent use of Google Chrome. But it is...
  25. tworaccoons

    Laptop display choice for reading, programming, graphic design

    [Moderator note: moved post to Laptop General Discussion.] I usually build my desktops, but can't do this for a laptop. So i'm looking at new laptop for travel. Best price gives a choice between 1920 x 1080 @ 120hz versus 3840 x 2160 @ 60 hz, what's better for reading, programming & graphic...
  26. A

    after change screen max resolution become 1366 x 768

    my laptop was support resolution 1900 x 600 but after change the laptop screen the maximum resolution 1366 x 768:??:
  27. P

    i have a new samsung 6 series 4k resolution MU6290 55 inch. now i try to set it up and i am connected. but it wont down load t

    why is my new samsung 6series MU 6290 is not downloading the terms and conditions? is it the region problem? do i need to change the IP add? please advise. thank you
  28. N

    On my toshiba, Windows 8, I must reset resolution all the time

    At least once a day and usually 5 or 6 times, it changes by itself again. So I change it to highest resolution and around and around we go. And I do check to accept these changes, when asked. I hesitate to take for service, don’t trust that something else wont go wrong when they fix this...
  29. S

    Hedset microphone is not working suddenly

    Hedset microphone is not working suddenly. While talking on call other person is not able to hear. What is the resolution for this?
  30. J

    lower film Hz refresh rate than my LCD TV "needs"

    Can a, say, 44Hz film on USB device somehow damage my TV that "likes" mostly (depending on video resolution/size) exactly 60Hz, having spec in mind in my manual? Likewise, what if I try to run a film that has more than 60Hz? Kaboom?! Thanks and thanks for Your patience. p.s. I suppose I can...
  31. H

    Cheap (ish) Laptop with an I3

    Ive been looking for a Budget laptop for a family member for a couple days and i've narrowed it down to something with an I3 with a top end budget of £350 with a 15.6" screen ( if less it would be easier) I'vefound 2 laptops which are practicly the same just one has 1366×768 resolution and a...
  32. Y

    change resolution from micro hdmi to vga

    i have new tab, lenovo miix 320, and it only has a micro hdmi for projection yet my projector only have vga port. i already bought the adapter, but everytime i connect it, the projector automatically change the resolution to 1920 which looked way smaller than it should (the normal resolution for...
  33. A

    Having difficulty finding a replacement screen for my Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7332

    I need to know where I can get this part online: 17.3” diagonal widescreen TruBrite® TFT display at 1600 x 900 native resolution (HD+) I can't find that specific one. Or is there something that can match it?
  34. Lutfij

    Fixing Stretched Images On Widescreen Acer Laptops

    Laptops come with pretty much everything you need out of the box and are ready to go after powering up for the first time. What if your newly purchased laptop had an issue where the images were all stretched and out of proportion? This tutorial will show you how to fix stretched images on any...
  35. M

    mirroring problem resolution?

    hp will no longer mirror to my sony bravia set, was adviced to change resolution setting on chromebook, but i dont have a clue as to how
  36. M

    Solved! dont know how to change resolution settings

    i need help setting a different resolution to see if that will fix the message that reads, unsupported signal, check device output on my sony bravia screen. this is a new problem. hdmi cord is brand new.
  37. F

    Solved! Hdmi, PC, Receiver connection

    Hello, I have a pioneer 821k and a laptop Probook, I play my movies using the laptop and sending the picture using the HDMI to the LG screen. However, when I pass it through the receiver first then to the screen, I see 1440*990 and no picture. I think it's the receiver failing to send such...
  38. G

    dell xps 9560 font scaling

    Hello, i just got an XPS 9560 and i am having strange font issues. for example visual studio: resolution: 3840x2160 Scale and Layout: 250% Any ideas how to fix this issue? not expecting this from a 3 euro dollar laptop.
  39. W

    which tv is best? sony vs lg

    Hi guys, which tv Would be the best overall for picture quality, watching movies & gaming? Also resolution doesn't matter.
  40. A

    Solved! Display resolution changing

    I have lenovo ip310. Its display resolution is 1366*768 but it had broken last week can i set a 1080p display for the laptop? Its graphics is intel hd 520.
  41. A

    Want to aircel sim number plzz help

    Simply my phone is lost with sim card so plzz kindly give any resolution how can I get my no. Back Removed.This is my aircel no. Plzzz give revert
  42. R

    my you tube resolution is 1920 x 1080 on a 4k video. Is that 4k?

    How can I tell if 4k videos on you tube are actually streaming 4k
  43. A

    Chromecast to projector (Sound exctraction?)

    Hey Guys! I dug around in my garage and found a old BenQ SP830 Projector with 1080p resolution working like a charm. I had an idea to hook up my chromecast directly to it and buy a new projector screen for movie nights. Said and done, i bought a new projector screen and during the setup i...
  44. F

    what cellphone has a 8-12 megapixel camera for the high resolution needed for prints that Tom’s Guide says is necessary

    I was just wondering if any smartphone has a high resolution capability of the 8-12 megapixel necessary for prints that I think I remember reading in the megapixel section of Tom’s Guide. I do not know if really for prints you need a camera not just a smartphone.
  45. S

    Broken Laptop Display; Using an External Monitor; Cannot Get the Right Resolution

    Hi, my laptop (Lenovo thinkpad x230) had a broken display, so I removed it and decided to use the laptop with an external display; my 1080p monitor. I did a fresh install of windows 10, when I first booted into windows the resolution was at the correct 1080p, however it quickly changed to 1024 x...
  46. F

    Help me fix my new TV

    HI, I recently bought a new Smart TV with 4K UHD resolution and when I acces TV channels the resolution on channels is only 1080i and that's the highest I can set.How to achieve the maximum resolution? Do I need another special cable or something? I already have a HDMI put into it. Thanks
  47. imStorm3r

    Screen stretched after installing Windows and changing resolution doesn't help.

    Hi, a friend gave me his laptop to install Windows 7 on it. The installation went smooth but for some reason the screen is stretched and there are 2 black bars. Picture of how it looks: When I change the resolution it doesn't remove the...
  48. G

    4K UHD TV and 1080P Reciever

    Hello, I just stumbled on another conundrum. I have a Sony 4K UHD TV and a Pioneer SC57 receiver which all components are connected to (the receiver controls all audio and video). So I just upgraded my cable box from a 1080P to 4K UHD box...well low and behold, my cable box is limiting my...
  49. Q

    how to change laptop resolution to 480

    I have a dell inspiron 5558 and I need to change my display to 480p because i am connecting my laptop to a old crt how do i do that?
  50. L

    Audio Crackling/Popping HP All-In-One

    Hi All, I'm hoping I can find some answers to this as I know it's a known issue but I can't seem to find the resolution anywhere. I have a HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-a210t that for some reason is making a popping/crackling sound from the speakers. I have tried updating drivers, checking...
  51. Z

    Captuaring photos with less resolution to be sent via emails

    Dear folk fI have realized that my email won't get send when I am attaching 6 or 7 photos (not videos) that were taken by my iphone x then I would assume it might be the size of the photos ( high resolutions ). Can I change the resolutions for photos (not videos) ? When i was searching online...
  52. T

    Poster Printing how does it work?

    Found an image on the internet resolution 1920x1080 and i wish to frame. Can i simply send it off to the printing company? What factor do i have to consider during this process?
  53. T

    Solved! XPS 13 9350 doesn't output a resolution higher than 1920x1080, even though 2k monitor is set as 'only screen'

    Hi, For my XPS 13 9350 (1920x1080 resolution version), I bought Dell's USB-C adapter that allows me to connect an external monitor using HDMI. The purpose of this dongle is to connect the XPS 13 to my 2k Asus monitor over HDMI. Although I have set '2nd screen only' when "projecting" in Windows...
  54. not you

    Is there any way to lock my PC to 720p30fps while gamestreaming? (Nvidia shield tablet)

    Hello guys Nvidia gamestream locks me at 720p30fps so I can't game at higher fps\resolution anyway because of my internet speed But my monitor has a higher resolution and refresh rate Would it decrease quality? coz it renders originally on a higher res now and sends it to me but than 720p...
  55. old_rager

    Can 10 bit / 12 bit HDR be applied to 1080p resolution?

    My son and I have been having a bit of discussion RE: HDR (primarily 10bit/12bit) and whether it can be applied at the 1080p resolution. He tends to believe that when it comes to gaming consoles (Xbox One X and PS4 Pro), that you can get a game to run in 1080p with HDR 10bit / 12 Bit being...
  56. V

    what do i set my samsung 4002 at the non hd is zoomed in if use hd setting only 1080 p 1080 by 1920 works best the 720p sett

    I can't use native resolution because the display gets bright colors and hard too see. the tv is 720p
  57. King Mustard

    Upscaling (1080p) DVD player running DVDs at half resolution

    I have a Xenta VT-S205 1080p upscaling DVD player. It was purchased in December 2013 for £15 from Ebuyer. It hasn't been used in many years. I plugged it in today (via. HDMI) into a Samsung UE46ES5500 TV (a 2012 model). I've also tried two other HD TVs. All DVDs appear extremely pixelated...
  58. koga73

    PC through receiver no video

    Windows 10 using Intel i3 7th generation on-board graphics via HDMI. Connected to Marantz 5012 receiver. Receiver connected to Samsung 4k tv. Connecting the PC directly to the tv works fine with 3840x2160 resolution. Going through the receiver I get no video. Connected a second display and the...
  59. burstfyre20

    Ideal laptop display on a GTX 1070

    I'm aware that the 1070's 4k performance isn't steller but a lot of the laptops in my budget range have them. Strangely, not many laptops seems to have 1440p displays, which is the "ideal" resolution for a 1070. Another thing I've noticed is several 1080p displays with g-sync and a few with...
  60. T

    Can a 1920x1080 LCD work a laptop with a 1366x768 default resolution??

    Hi, So my laptop LCD was cracked and I'm look for an LCD that I can replace. My laptop model is the Asus F555L and I was wondering if an LCD with a 1920x1080 resolution would work with my laptop as it's default resolution at the moment is 1366x768? Should I get another 1366x768 LCD or could I...