Chromecast to projector (Sound exctraction?)

Mar 2, 2018
Hey Guys!

I dug around in my garage and found a old BenQ SP830 Projector with 1080p resolution working like a charm.
I had an idea to hook up my chromecast directly to it and buy a new projector screen for movie nights.

Said and done, i bought a new projector screen and during the setup i noticed that the old projector didn't have a HDMI input. No problem can't be solved right? So i purchased a hdmi to DVI-D splitter (cause the Projector had a DVI input) and hooked it up and it worked just as great as i would have hoped for... except that there was no sound...

I've been thinking about solutions for the issue without any clear answers and that's why i'm here!
As the Chromecast doesn't have a 3.5mm/AUX output i can't really exctract the sound to external speakers directly from the Chromecast. But the HDMI out from the Chromecast does transfer sound! So would it be possible to somehow exctract the sound from the HDMI out on the chromecast to external speakers so that i can watch movies on the Projector with sound being played through external speakers?

Maybe there's a HDMI sound extractor box or something that can be purchased or maybe you can extract the sound signals from the HDMI output from the Chromecast by soldering some wires to the right connectors in the HDMI coming from the Chromecast?

Please give me some assistance here, i'm really excited about the potential projector setup and would love to get some help!

Best regards,