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    A cheap(ish) laptop for school

    Need to get a laptop for school. I plan on it running photoshop and indesign and general work apps so atleast 8gb of ram and 13-15 inch would be fine. I’ve been looking at the HP Envy 13” with a ryzen 2500u processor. I have a gaming PC at home so I don’t really need a GPU. Do you think that’s a...
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    Laptop for Graphic Design [More based on Adobe Photoshop,Indesign and Illustrator]

    Hello guys, i want to ask some laptop expert, which laptop most suitable for graphic design, like adobe photoshop, indesign and so on. my budget is around 1200$. Any suggestion? Can explain what specs are important for using photoshop, for design purpose.
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    Which laptop would be better for an architecture student?

    Hello everyone, I'm starting my university course in architecture next month and was wondering which laptop would be better. For this course I will have to run Revit, AutoCAD and Adobe programs like Photoshop and InDesign. I'd also like to run some of these programs simultaneously. I'm looking...
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    Which of these laptops should I get? I will be using it for gaming and design work(Photoshop, indesign, illustrator etc) and video editing. I already have a gaming...
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    2 in 1 with wacom digtitizer

    Hi there, I need some help looking for a 2 in 1 laptop I’m an artist/ student and I’m looking for a laptop that I can draw on. It NEEDS to be able to hold Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to be able to draw directly on it with a pen. Some of the specs I would prefer are: Convertible to tablet...
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    cheap laptop for indesign and photoshop

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a laptop under $500, at least 15" screen but most likely 17". the only job of this computer would be working with Adobe products such as Photoshop and InDesign. Any good advice? thank you so much
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    laptop for interior architecture student

    Hi i am walid and i need your help. I am going to buy a laptop soon, but i do not know what to buy. i have to run AutoCAD, 3ds max, sketchup, shaderlight, InDesign and many others. Therefore, i was thinking to buy asus republic of gamers. i think 15 inch would be good. I would appreciate any...
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    Suggestions for Graphic Design/CAD Laptop

    I'm looking for suggestions on a laptop for using programs such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Autocad. Budget would be around $1000 CAD and I'm buying in Canada. I'm looking for something like a netbook that has good battery life and is easily transported. I'll be mainly using...
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    Adobe Indesign Help "search option"

    i know that there is a option in the help menu of the mac version of adobe indesign, where you can use a searchbar to locate function. e.g. if i forgot where the tabs options is located, you can go to the help menu, type in "tabs" and it will direct you to it's location. but in the windows...
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    Laptop for an Illustrator

    Hello I'm canadain and i'm trying to find out what would be the best laptop for an Illustrator. So the laptop would be used mostly for things like photoshop, Indesign and llustrator. Any advice would be great uprgrading from a sony viao from 2007. Buget is $1000 or under if possible. Thank you...
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    Academic Versions????? Whats with them?

    Hi, I am a 'student', and i've been looking around at programs like Adobe InDesign, Office XP, Adobe Photoshop etc. and for all of them, there is an Academic Version. The price difference between the academic version and the normal verisons are HUGE? so i was wondering, whats the...