Sep 25, 2015
Hi there,

I need some help looking for a 2 in 1 laptop I’m an artist/ student and I’m looking for a laptop that I can draw on. It NEEDS to be able to hold Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to be able to draw directly on it with a pen. Some of the specs I would prefer are:
Convertible to tablet (whether it flips or unattached doesn’t matter)
Intel i7 or i5
8 GB ram
At least 500 GB hard drive
2.5 GHz
No more than 4 pounds
Long lasting battery is also preferred
I’m hoping for something with a 15 inch screen but the lowest ill go is 12 inches
I need something that will last for a long time
I CANNOT pay over 1000
it also need a front facing camera.
a lit key board would also be nice, but not needed

also im not interested in he Surface Pro laptops, they just don't have enough memory

Some suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
There is the 14" ThinkPad Yoga 14 which can be purchased from Lenovo for $849. Bestbuy carries this laptop for $949 in their store so at least you can go to BestBuy to check it out. It has 8GB of RAM (only 1 RAM slot), Core i5-5200u and a nVidia 940m. Probably the one downside with this laptop is that you must use the ThinkPad Pen Pro which is sold separately for $40, the laptop will not work with any other digital pen. It has a backlit keyboard.

There is a 15.6" ThinkPad Yoga 15 for about $1,000 but it does not support a digital pen. See link below for a review of the ThinkPad Yoga 14, but the reviewer is still waiting for the pen.

I thought about buying the ThinkPad Yoga 14, but there is no option to install Windows 7 Professional which would be necessary to be compatible with some proprietary business software that I need to use.