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  1. D

    Solved! buying advice needed: i am looking for a convertible laptop with stylus support that is (at least somewhat) ubuntu compatible

    Hello everyone, since my old laptop probably won't make it past the end of this month i've been scouring the internet all day for a convertible laptop with a touch screen as a replacement. Because of my very specific needs i've found only the lenovo yoga 920 (version: Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM...
  2. P

    Which Dell pen supports Dell Inspiron 5579 2-in-1 Laptop

    I have a Dell 5579 2-in-1 laptop, I need to know which stylus pen it supports OTHER THAN Dell Premium Active Pen - PN579X, TIA.!!
  3. J

    Pen positioning on bottom?

    Why do manufacturers insist on putting the pens on the bottom of the phone. I lost several styluses on an earlier phone because of this configuration. The stylus would pop out & get lost.
  4. K

    Huawei Matebook X Pro Stylus Problem

    I just recently got the Huawei Matebook X Pro and after confirming with a microsoft representative have purchased a bamboo ink pen that is supposedly compatible (even though it is not on wacom's site). The pen connects and shows up under bluetooth devices and not human interface devices, driver...
  5. N

    What smartphone to up to £600 (new, preowned, refurbished)

    Hey, I decided to change my Xiaomi mi 5 on something nicer, I don't really want the best performance, becouse I think in novadays most of smartphones can run everything what I'm actually using (YouTube, web surfing, some games from time to time). I was thinking about phones with stylus pen...
  6. Y

    Looking for a budget stylus-supporting tablet

    Hi, It's for math and physics at school. I'm doing this course which is necessary to enter engineering school, so I'll be using it in the next few years. Smooth pen operation is essential. Windows os is preferred. Built in keyboard not necessary for now. Decent CPU would be nice for the...
  7. canadianvice

    Something portable, ideally w/ stylus, for low cost? (Canada)

    I was just wondering if there are any units I should be taking a look at. My brother is heading back to school and needs an ultraportable for note-taking. At minimum, he needs typing, but if possible a really nice extra would be a stylus pen for use with OneNote with Chemistry. To put in...
  8. P

    Stylus Friendly Laptop for Pharmacy School

    Hello Everyone, I need a work friendly laptop for pharmacy school. My budget is around $500. The more affordable the better, but i will be interested in what others suggest as the most suitable laptop. I would like to buy it on amazon Below is the link for the requirements for the laptop...
  9. W

    Can My asus Q524UQ laptop support a bluetooth stylus

    Want to find a good stylus for my laptop.
  10. C

    Compatible stylus for the Lenovo Yoga 720 15

    Hello, I am thinking of buying the Lenovo Yoga 720 15 and I cannot any information about which styluses are compatible. None of the Wacom active stylus list it under 'list of compatible devices'. Has anyone used a stylus on this tablet, if so which one was it? Thank you in advance.
  11. T

    OS of LG G4 stylus

    Can some body say what is OS for LG G$stylus ??
  12. T

    How to set default download location to external sd card on LG G4 stylus

    i want to save videos and pictures directly on my memory card. (SD card)
  13. RadeonMaster

    A stronger subwoofer?

    Hi guys, so I was thinking of upgrading my subwoofer but i don't know exactly which of these two is better? We have: "Magnat Stylus 7000 A" and This one which i don't know the full name...
  14. R

    How Can I Draw On A Photo?

    I have the LG Stylo 2 Plus LG-K550. It has a built-in stylus. I am wanting to figure out I can write on an image and save it. Not edit on a PC and transfer to my phone but do it all on the phone. More specifically I am wanting to use images such as the one I have below, mark finger placement...
  15. H

    Looking for convertible laptop that supports stylus

    I am in need of a new laptop for uni work. I'm terrible with organizing paper notes, so i need to take notes on a computer, however most of my notes is mathematical formulas which cannot be typed out. So I'm looking for a laptop that the keyboard can be flipped around and used tablet style with...
  16. P

    Draw/doodle with stylus

    Is there paint/draw software with stylus capability for Macbook Pro(on trackpad) ?
  17. C

    How do I see if my laptop supports a stylus? Wacom?

    Is there any system setting or something in Device Manager that tells me if my touchscreen laptop supports a pressure sensitive stylus? Basically if its Wacom or not. My laptop: ASUS Q524uQ
  18. S

    Looking for a job asap

    I have a straight talk phone. Its the G2 stylus 2 something like that. But anyways I put a sim card in it from another brand brand new phone straight talk phone but every time I try to dial the *222890 activation thing a note pops up saying, this sim card is not registered or registered please...
  19. H

    Laptop with a precise stuylus

    Hey all, I am looking for a laptop with a precise stylus and pressure sensor (maybe the terminology is wrong) i.e. more preasure you exert through stylus the more thicker the writing becomes. I require this laptop totally for assignment purposes therefore a precise stylus is my requirement...
  20. J

    LG g Stylo

    I have an unlocked metropcs LG g stylo I need Apn for my straight talk sim to work
  21. MarbleFox

    Does the Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW support PEN and not just a generic capacitor stylus/pen?

    I've been looking at several laptops and convertibles that have or support PEN technology like the Lenovo Yoga 14/460, X1 Yoga, Surface Pro/Book, etc. However, I cannot find any specific information regarding the Zenbook Pro UX501VW other than Asus' site saying "Perfect for pin-point precision...
  22. T

    Need help deciding on tablet pc (Lenevo vs Dell)

    Hello all. I'm currently looking into buying one of the older generation tablets, the Latitude XT2, Lenevo X200 Tablet or X220 Tablet. I'm not interested in the newer ones so please don't suggest that Now, I will be using this for online usage, (browsing), using things such as MATLAB and...
  23. S

    Buying a convertible with stylus

    Hi guys :) I am looking for a new laptop after spending a long time with my trusty ThinkPad T420. I filled in the table for you in order to give some info. I would like a convertible with a stylus as well as a matt screen. 1. What is your budget? roughly $1400 2. What is the size of the...
  24. H

    Lenovo 900 or Surface Book

    Hi guys, I am looking into buying a 2-in-1 laptop. Let's begin with money. Max that I will pay for a 2-in-1 laptop is around 1600$. The best in the market right now is the Lenovo 900 and the Surface Book, also the Hp Spectre x360, but I tried it on my friends laptop and it has really bad...
  25. T

    Laptop that is 2 in 1 and has stylus support and a D GPU

    I have been searching for months for a laptop that has a touch screen with stylus support, 2 in one capabilities and a dedicated GPU. The surface book is there but 1500$ for that to start is pretty steep. Im looking for around 1200. I have seen laptops like the dell inspiron 13/15 7000 and the...
  26. C

    2 in 1 with wacom digtitizer

    Hi there, I need some help looking for a 2 in 1 laptop I’m an artist/ student and I’m looking for a laptop that I can draw on. It NEEDS to be able to hold Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to be able to draw directly on it with a pen. Some of the specs I would prefer are: Convertible to tablet...
  27. D

    Hi I have a Olympus Tough , stylus camera just over a year old hardly used, went swimming with it today, went we'll , rinsed i

    Black screen on camera, worked fine then nothing, seems like it is taking pics but can't see anything
  28. E

    Memory card full - even though it is not.

    My camera keeps saying "memory card full", even though it is not. I have a Olympus Stylus SH-60 and two different memory cards. One Canon 16gb and one no-brand 32gb. It is the same error with both. And I have formatet them!
  29. P

    Laptop help, Graphic Design Student

    This question is really easy to label as TLDR and move on but bear with me guys. Hey guys! I'm looking for a laptop for school and I've been having a really hard time finding things that meet what I need. Lol. First major Hurdle is I hate Mac. From what I understand, the only real reason...
  30. G

    Where can you buy the Surface Pen cheaply online?

    It's out of stock on the Microsoft website. On Google it was around $100.
  31. D

    Stylus - "NonHuman Touch" - HELP

    I am working with a group of students on an Educational Robot Cell. We are trying to have the robot pick up a 3D printed Stylus using a vacuum and have the stylus turn music on and off using an Ipod Touch 2nd Gen... We have tried multiple versions with little luck thus far. Our latest has a...
  32. C

    Looking for a fine point stylus for android tablet

    Good day...I own a Sony Z2 tablet and I use it for sketching and making notes. I currently use an Adonit Jot Classic stylus and it is a good stylus but not perfect for writing. I've searched and found that there is quite a variety of fine point styli but most of them are not universal. I really...
  33. William Norberg

    Evga Tegra Note

    Does it come with a stylus? and can i use a keyboard with it?
  34. wuubb

    alternatives to surface pro 3

    Hello all, I have been looking for a good tablet/laptop hybrid that I could both use for school and also be able to run Sibelius and Pro Tools if I need to when I travel. I checked out the Surface Pro 3, and it seemed great, stylus, one-note, full windows, had the processing power I needed, etc...
  35. P

    olympus stylus vg180

    this camera is 3 months old, camera wont turn on , it lets me download the photos off it, when plugged into my pc, battery is not charging, is there a quick fix ?
  36. J

    Stylus Pen for iPad

    I've recently got myself an iPad, and was looking for a stylus pen. I've seen someone on YouTube use it for digital art (which is what I want to do), but he doesn't reply to his comments. I was wondering if anyone knows any recommendable pens I could use for the iPad. I've come across some on...
  37. G

    Adonit Follows Suit With New iPad Stylus

    Adonit responds to Adobe's Ink and Slide announcement with their own iPad stylus featuring their Pixelpoint technology and priced $80 cheaper than Adobe's offering at $119.99. Adonit Follows Suit With New iPad Stylus : Read more
  38. H

    Note Taking Tablet

    I am looking for a windows 8 convertable tablet/laptop. -It should be under $600 -Have an SSD or Flash Memory -Screen size 8" - 11" -Active stylus -touch screen -If possible, removable keyboard -can run MS office and light games such as Minecraft
  39. A

    Compatibiliity of Stylus Pens with ANDROIDS....

    DO STYLUS Pen support any Android phone....??? I want a Stylus pen to use with my SAMSUNG EK GC100.....Can i have one??? If yes, please suggest me one....
  40. J

    Looking for a good note taking tablet

    What is the best windows 8 tablet for taking notes (with a stylus)? I am looking for a tablet to replace my laptop entirely. I am not really interested in processor power as I don't plan on gaming or video editing. My primary concern is how well I will be able to take notes on it. *I should...
  41. K

    Student looking for active stylus tablet

    I'm a university student looking for an active stylus tablet for use in note-taking and working on homework when away from home. I have a desktop at home, so it doesn't need to be an i7 or anything like that - it just needs to be capable and last me through my remaining years of college. 1. Is...
  42. Fiztandantibus

    Keyboards and stylus choices for an Android Tablet

    Dear Community, Currently I was handed a tablet for my marking at uni (Samsung gt-n8010) and I quickly found myself using it to replace paper based note taking such as lab books and meeting notes with great ease. Obviously I will be able to keep it only for a limited amount of time and it has...
  43. H

    Which stylus to buy

    Can anyone recommend a needle replacement for my Pro-ject belt drive single deck? At the moment I've got an Ortofon mb5e which came with it.
  44. R

    Repairing an Olympus Stylus Tough with Water Damage

    I have an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 12MP camera that I took into the ocean several times. It appears a droplet got into the mechanism through the battery compartment on the bottom. It powers on and lets me navigate the menu and pictures on the SD card, but wont let me take photos. It gives me...
  45. P

    Needing a convertible Haswell device with stylus support

    Hello. I have waited a long time for the haswell series of CPU's to be out. Now they are out, but I haven't found any convertibles which both run haswell CPU and have stylus support. Have any of you seen such a thing? If not then why isn't it out yet, I thought that the market would get flooded...
  46. D

    Best Stylus on Market ?

    Can anyone let me know if there is a preferred Stylus for writing notes on android device tablets ? I was going to purchase the Nexus 7 Next Gen version to use at work to write my notes into an excel document. I would like to know what would be the best Stylus for the job. Any Suggestions...
  47. K

    Olympus Digital camera stylus-9010

    When I switch on my camera, the zoom extends fully two times(goes back and forth) and then camera shuts down. Please let me know what can I do solve this. I reset the camera to factory default and it did not work I looked for software update for olympus stylus 9010 and it is not available...
  48. C

    Does a digital Pen or Stylus aLlow you convert handwritting to text

    Does it convert handwriting to text?I want to purchase software or digital stylus what is required? I know something is out there.
  49. P

    i want camera with stylus

    we work in printing firm, we want digital camera that can edit the photo on the spot and mark dimension on the screen and image will save with the mention text.
  50. P

    Olympus stylus 740 battery cover

    Hello, If I find a battery cover for the Olympus stylus 740 can I install by myself?
  51. G

    My epson stylus SX510W wont work

    I have a epson stylus SX515W, its been working fine wirelessly for 6 months but my laptop now tells me it is not turned on when it is. It's connected to the wireless router ok and i have uninstalled it and re installed it several times....any ideas? Sue
  52. T

    Laptop and espon stylus color 740i printer

    Hello, trying to hook up a printer to my laptop but its an old printer and i have no clue what im doing.
  53. K

    Can you use a diffrent stylus for a tablet?

    I recently got a IBM X41 Thinkpad that has a tablet but no stylus. I want to buy a new stylus so I was wondering if i could use a wacom stylus with it? Thanks in advance.
  54. J

    Laptop tablet stylus help

    I just ordered a gateway e-295 and it didnt come with a stylus. I was wondering if any gateway stylus would work or if it has to be made for the pc?
  55. 0

    Samsung Galaxy Note NT-N7000 Stylus

    Hello, My question relates to the supplied Note stylus, this worked perfectly when I received it but after a month or so I find that it no longer has any contact with the keys etc. I have been in contact with the supplier who supplied a new Note stylus but this also fails to work. I have bought...
  56. J

    Factory Default reset for Olympus Stylus 710

    Factory Default reset for Olympus Stylus 710 ? If so, how?
  57. exfileme

    Microsoft Working on Stylus That's Used On Any Screen

    Microsoft researchers are working on a stylus that doesn't need a touch-screen surface. Microsoft Working on Stylus That's Used On Any Screen : Read more
  58. C

    I don't know

    I am looking for a three function .5mm pencil which includes the lead mechanical pencil, an eraser and a stylus for an IPad.
  59. F

    Ortofon concorde 30 replacement stylus

    Sirs, where can I buy a ortofon concorde 30 pickup raplacement stylus. Thank you very much. Fernando Pole
  60. K

    Printer not printing

    Hello, I have an Epson Stylus CX3200. It was working fine until a week ago now. Not sure what I did or did not do that might have caused this. Problem: my laptop says it is sending the document to the printer and then the programs freeze and to make it go away I have to kill it. The printer...