Repairing an Olympus Stylus Tough with Water Damage


Nov 9, 2013
I have an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 12MP camera that I took into the ocean several times. It appears a droplet got into the mechanism through the battery compartment on the bottom. It powers on and lets me navigate the menu and pictures on the SD card, but wont let me take photos. It gives me a sequence of 14 beeps twice before powering itself off when I try. I am handy with electronics and interested in trying to repair this if it is just a matter of swapping out a circuit board. I see a rear control board part on ebay. I am wondering if that is the most common part that short circuits with water damage which seems to be the most common problem with this camera. Can anyone weigh in on the part that most likely needs to be replaced? Please don't bother recommending that I find a local camera repair facility. I am looking for DIY help to resurrect an otherwise decent camera on the cheap. Hoping to find that help on this forum. Thank you in advance.


I recommend to open the camera first, at that time you will see which part was damaged by the sea water/salt. Then you can buy that part to do the replacement. Just make sure don't messup the small screws and parts if you have other camera, I will take the pictures while you take apart the camera in each step.