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    Solved! Beyerdynamic 990 Pro not working after some time

    Hello, I bought the Beyerdynamic 990 pro headphones with the DAC FiiO E10K Olympus 2 The Headphones work for like atleast 30mins and after that the sound is just gone and when the unplug and plug it in again i have no sound.. I only have sound again if im restarting my PC Idk if you need...
  2. A

    Solved! Camera issues that need help

    my olympus x-42 camera is showing lines after i shoot an image but the icd is in good condition, if i record a video the lines will not appear any help?
  3. J

    Solved! DT990 Pro Headphones with FiiO E10K Olympus USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    (New to the audio scene so please correct me if i'm wrong etc) I was wondering if the FiiO E10K Olympus would be enough to power music/games/movies for the DT990 Pro Headphones. As far as I'm aware it will only power 150ohms but wont the 250ohms be to loud for anyone anyway? Will I notice the...
  4. A

    My Camera was dead for a while because i couldnt find the charger so then ordered one and i plugged it up and it truns half w

    I don't know how to fix it. My camera is an Olympus Tough I need it fixed fast
  5. G

    Olympus PEN E-PL9 Mirrorless Camera Review: Inexpensive and Versatile

    The Olympus PEN E-PL9 is a good mirrorless camera for those graduating from smartphone photography. Olympus PEN E-PL9 Mirrorless Camera Review: Inexpensive and Versatile : Read more
  6. L

    When will the new 2018 action cameras come out?

    Sony, Garmin and Olympus in particular haven't released anything new in 2 years. When's the new stuff going to come out?
  7. G

    The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time)

    Get the best camera deals any time of the year. The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time) : Read more
  8. J

    Addon lens TAGS

    I have an Olympus 3000 and I wanted to get some lenses to increase the zoom and maybe a wide angle lens. Any suggestions, thoughts, warnings? Thanks
  9. D

    Camera suggestions please!

    I am considering getting a new camera. I currently have a Canon 6D. I'm looking to upgrade to a camera that is easier to travel with & more manageable (I have a muscle disease). I went to the local camera store yesterday & they showed me a Sony A7R2 and an Olympus OMD EM-1. They kept pushing the...
  10. P

    Olympus sz-12 ...shows "sd card error" when turned on

    my Olympus sz-12 (14megapixel) camera is saying (when I turn it on) sd card error....I dont know what this means and how to fix. cant move from this opening window. this is my 1st camera. I know little about them. I use a MacBook Air. thanks in advance for ur help! Peggie
  11. V

    stuck up lens

    i have a olympus u 10X optical zoom lens. it was not used for quite a while. when i wanted to use it again, on a trial shot the zoom lens got stuck and wouldn't retract.
  12. G

    Olympus Tough TG-5 Review: The New Underwater Camera King

    While pricey, Olympus’ waterproof camera has a wealth of shooting options to help you best capture your underwater excursions. Olympus Tough TG-5 Review: The New Underwater Camera King : Read more
  13. J

    How do I get the picture taking button to depress to take a picture

    I have an Olympus Szumski-16 camera and suddenly I can not get the picture taking button to depress to take pictures
  14. M

    Olympus SP550UZ Fault

    The SD card function Door open is on the screen stopping use of my camera
  15. C

    Adapter for pentax K1

    Hi everyone, I currently purchased a K-1, I have a few Olympus Mirco 4/3 lens and I want to put it on my Pentax body. Do you guys have some adapter recommendations?
  16. N

    Solved! write protection errors

    pls help. my olympus camera when i insert an sd card tells me write protects no matter what i do and write protection in not activated on the sd card hellllp
  17. S

    Cannot find a memory slot large enough to fit a comedia Olympus D-380. What can I do to get pictures transfer to a disk etc...

    Cannot find a memory slot wide enough to fit my Camedia Olympus D-380 to transfer it to a disk etc... any ideas please?
  18. S

    Canon EOS 80D need opinions

    Hey, forum! I need advice on the new camera I've been advised to buy. I own a 10-year-old (+/-) Olympus digital camera and I've been wanting to upgrade it for ages. I've talked to several stores and researched online and all reviews I find on this camera says it's great. My questions are there...
  19. Q

    Compact Camera with High Optical Zoom

    We own an Olympus Stylus 1010 . It has 7x Optical Zoom. We like the camera a lot, but it is getting beat up. Also, the reset time (time until you can snap another picture) is longer than we would like. So I am looking to replace it. I looked at 2 cameras friends had, a Samsung WB35F and a...
  20. S

    Use old lens

    I've inherited an old Olympus OM10 and 4 lenses. Will the lenses fit a modern digital camera and if so which ones? Thanks Simon
  21. D

    Looking for DAC amp for HD650s

    Hi all I'm look for a good usb DAC headphone amp that can power the HD650s for around £60, I was originally looking at the FiiO E10K Olympus but am unaware or whether or not it will be able to power the HD650s as it's rated for 150 ohms
  22. P

    Write protect camera

    Olympus pen double zoom camera wen turn on an try take photo keeps coming up with write protect can any 1 help thank you
  23. V

    my olympus pen lite wont come on. It did work when I intially got it.

    My Olympus pen lite won,t come on when I press the on button. It did work when I initially got it.
  24. H

    Looking for a low budget compact camera

    Hello! As I have little to no knowledge of digital cameras, it would be nice if I can have some help! I am looking for a low budget $200-400 digital camera that's good as a gift for my sister. Do you guys have any recommendations? (brands like Sony, Olympus etc) thank you! :-)
  25. M

    picture is upside down

    i have a Olympus SZ-12 I keep in my truck protected in a case today i go to take pictures and on the screen i see them upside down, How can i fix this <<Email address removed by moderator. Communicate in the thread or via PM, please.>>
  26. D

    Hi I have a Olympus Tough , stylus camera just over a year old hardly used, went swimming with it today, went we'll , rinsed i

    Black screen on camera, worked fine then nothing, seems like it is taking pics but can't see anything
  27. A

    Help choosing among Olympus OM-D E-M1 or Sony A6000 or Fujifilm X-T10

    I am considering to buy a new CSC camera, which serves my hobby of photography. Right now, I own a Canon 400D (yes, an age old model :)) From the feedbacks I have seen on several forums and videos, I have narrowed my selection to one of Olympus OM-D E-M1 or Sony A6000 or Fujifilm X-T10. All of...
  28. Z

    PC keeps asking me to format Olympus xD memory card

    I just purchased a brand new Olympus xD M+ memory card for my digital camera. In the camera it works great, but as soon as I put the card in the media card reader on my PC it prompts me to format, then fails to format. After which I have to put it back in the camera to format it successfully...
  29. E

    Memory card full - even though it is not.

    My camera keeps saying "memory card full", even though it is not. I have a Olympus Stylus SH-60 and two different memory cards. One Canon 16gb and one no-brand 32gb. It is the same error with both. And I have formatet them!
  30. D

    I have an olympus sz-14/sz-12 digital camera and when I look at an object to take picture of it appears much smaaller thru cam

    I wonder if there is something wrong with my camera because when I look at an object to take the picture it aappears much smaller. I would appreciate any information offered. Thank you.
  31. L

    Hi. around a year ago I bought an Olympus slr digital camera for the mane reason of being able to manually adjust. But I can't

    I need help to manually adjust with my slr
  32. D

    Olympus FE 25

    So i have this camera for long time...almost took ..50? photos before it stuck to this strange state: Lens are full out not moving and when i press the on button (full charged batteries) the screen remains black and i hear a small noise from the lens...propably trying to refocus them...
  33. J

    Pictures wont show up on my camera!!!

    I had an olympus stlus tough, IO got it 4 years ago. 3 years ago it broke. Now I have a canon powershot. I wanted to put old pictures on it so I can look through them in class, but my canon wont recogize olympus picutes. I tried to change the dpi from olympus 300 to canon 180 but that didnt...
  34. S

    freezed Olympus fe-45

    Hello everyone, I know the digital camera I am asking about is kinda of a very old model, but my bro is completly in love with it, so I hope I can find a solution. So one day, and completly out of the blue, when my bro turned it on, it made a long beep, the zoom came out and stayed that way...
  35. P

    olympus stylus vg180

    this camera is 3 months old, camera wont turn on , it lets me download the photos off it, when plugged into my pc, battery is not charging, is there a quick fix ?
  36. CherlynnLow

    Olympus Google Glass Rival to Read Eye Movements and Winks

    A patent reveals Olympus is working on a Google Glass-like device that can be controlled by winks and eye movement. Olympus Google Glass Rival to Read Eye Movements and Winks : Read more
  37. O

    do you need to charge olympus batteries in an olympus battery charger?

    My brand new camera wont take pictures and when i try, my camera turns off then back on. and then repeats. I charge my camera's batteries in a standard battery charger. it is not an olympus charger though. do you think this may have anything to do with my problem?
  38. M

    Olympus E420 problem..

    hi my friend has an olympus E 420 dslr. on the tripod mount underneath the camera if you put some pressure on the left hand bottom corner were the screw thread is the live view switches off and no images can be taken. any idea's would be mutch appreciated thank you...
  39. S

    olympus x 940

    my camera turns on but does not respond to turn off and can't snap pictures. btw the screen is black. ps screen is perfect cause it shows the date and time setting in the begining
  40. W

    My olympus pen ep-3 just won't turn on!

    After I press the on button, there will be an orange light blinking beside the menu button! Help please!
  41. F

    Suggestion about 3 cheap cameras

    Hi all :) I just wanted to ask you your opinion about these 3 very very cheap cameras because I'd want to buy my first digital camera: Canon PowerShot A490 (43 euros) Olympus VG-110 (55 euros) Nikon Coolpix L27 (48 euros) I know that differences are very small between very cheap cameras so... I...
  42. P

    Playback mode display

    I have an Olympus SZ-30MR and the display screen has suddenly gone into the advanced display instead of the normal Standard Display. How can I change it back?
  43. T

    how do you import images from camera to computer

    i have a olympus vc 160 and it is bugged or something because when i put the camera usb to the computer it doesnt load up ib it used to when i open ib i cant click on the import image to computer
  44. R

    Olympus C-740 Spontaneously Erases Photos

    Occasionally my Olympus C-740 UltraZoom will spontaneously erase all of the photos on the card. I have changed the card and ensured that the camera is loaded with fully charged alkaline batteries but the problem persists. I am unable to discern a pattern such as after X photos have been taken.
  45. L

    Olympus XZ-2 for $299, worth the money if I already have an LX7?

    Two years ago I got myself an LX7 as I wanted a prosumer compact. I was, and still am, not ready to deal with lenses when traveling. Just want to point and shoot yet get great pictures. Now the XZ-2 from Olympus is going on a great offer http://amzn.to/1ffMoom. Just wondering if it is justified...
  46. J

    horizontal lines through pictures

    I have an Olympus SP560UZ. While taking pictures some of them are of good quality while at times others have horizontal lines across them. The lines make it impossible to actually view the picture. It happens while using the automatic as well as the P mode.
  47. M

    Screen Indicates Battery cap open.

    I have this Olympus FE330. On the screen, it indicates the battery cap is open when it was closed. why is the indication like this on the screen? Can you please help me with this. Thanks.
  48. M

    Screen Indicates Battery cap open.

    I have this Olympus FE330. On the screen, it indicates the battery cap is open when it was closed. why is the indication like this on the screen? Can you please help me with this. Thanks.
  49. G

    Olympus E-M10 Preview: DSLR-Like Camera at Smaller Size, Price

    The new enthusiast's camera packs many features of the company's high-end shooters into a device that's shockingly small, especially for a camera with an optional retracting zoom lens. Olympus E-M10 Preview: DSLR-Like Camera at Smaller Size, Price : Read more
  50. G

    Olympus SZ-15 picture saving to folders

    Can you set the camera so it uses a separate folder for photos for each day?
  51. R

    Repairing an Olympus Stylus Tough with Water Damage

    I have an Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 12MP camera that I took into the ocean several times. It appears a droplet got into the mechanism through the battery compartment on the bottom. It powers on and lets me navigate the menu and pictures on the SD card, but wont let me take photos. It gives me...
  52. W

    Dismantling a Olympus EPL-3

    Hi everyone, after a tumble on the bike my camera took hard hit and the shutter fails to stay open so the camera won't boot up properly. I am hoping to open it up to have a look, just in case the problem is not too technical. Has anyone done this before, or has any god ideas for my next steps...
  53. S

    samsung WB2100 or Olympus sp820uz

    Hello People :) The title pretty much says it all, i'm planning to make travel to NY, and i'd like a bridge camera...Considering these 2 options, and putting the picture quality as a priority, which one you think it's best? (still Full HD, STereo and stuff are welcome) THANKS! :)
  54. Gyts73r

    Help me choose a compact camera

    Hello, can you help me choose a decent camera from these: OLYMPUS SZ-14 Nikon COOLPIX L610 Olympus SZ-11 Fujifilm FinePix F600 EXR Sony DSC WX60 Olympus SH-21 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX80 Olympus SH-25MR OLYMPUS VH-520 Canon IXUS 140 Canon IXUS 500 HS Nikon Coolpix S6400 NIKON COOLPIX S6500 Nikon...
  55. N

    Separating Headset Cable

    I have a Sennheiser PC151 headset, and a FiiO E10 Olympus dac. I use both the headset and the microphone on the headset, but the problem is I'd like to have the E10 in front of me, on the desk where I can easily adjust it, but in order to do that, I can't have the microphone plugged in because...
  56. K

    Olympus Digital camera stylus-9010

    When I switch on my camera, the zoom extends fully two times(goes back and forth) and then camera shuts down. Please let me know what can I do solve this. I reset the camera to factory default and it did not work I looked for software update for olympus stylus 9010 and it is not available...
  57. K

    Problems with photos

    when I take pictures outside ,everything in the picture seems to have pink icicles hanging off it. I have an Olympus compact point & shoot camera which I received as a birthday gift in 2007. I love this camera but now I dont know what is wrong with it. It also uses "XD" memory cards , not SD .
  58. P

    Olympus stylus 740 battery cover

    Hello, If I find a battery cover for the Olympus stylus 740 can I install by myself?
  59. S

    Olympus E-420

    Hi, I have been having trouble with my SLR Camera. I recently took off the lens and inside the body of the camera a small white/sort of see through plastic square fell out, which a presume is part of the mirror, and now when i take a picture it comes out blank. And when i look through my...