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  1. J

    Olympus XD card won\'t read!!

    why am I unable to transfer pics from my olympus xd pics card to my computer :non: :non:
  2. A

    Shoot pictures with lines

    My Olympus digital camera is showing lines after i shoot an image but the ICD is in good condition, if i record a video the lines will not appear
  3. F

    My olympus e520 digital photos keep appear dark. what settings do i change to ha

    my olympus e520 digital photos keep appearing dark. what settings do i change to have photos come out with more light as i had before?
  4. K

    I have an olympus sz-14/sz-12 digital camera trying to transfer pictures

    I have this Olympus camera and im trying to send pictures off of my camera so i can send them to my facebook how do i do that..
  5. A

    Olympus E420 camera dead?

    My Olympus E420 camera suddenly does not swithch on anymore. I have a second E420 camera and I checked the battery: it is well. The one that is broken, worked again for about just half a minute (twice) when i put in a fully charged battery. But now it even does not do that anymore. I...
  6. A

    Olympus camera problems

    camera lense wont close, no error message blank screen it beeps intermittently when i press the power button
  7. Y

    Factory Default reset for Olympus sp 590

    Hello, h can i reset Olympus sp 590? it's not tern on (black screen) but it make litle mchanic sound
  8. L

    How to set olympus sp-800us back to factory settings

    how do I reset my olympus SP-800UZ camera back to factory settings?
  9. J

    Factory Default reset for Olympus Stylus 710

    Factory Default reset for Olympus Stylus 710 ? If so, how?
  10. A

    Olympus warranty

    my digital cam displays has been damage i wanna to know the warranty period to do it well
  11. P

    Pc says it cant find olympus camera

    i have a olympus C60 camedia 6.1 mp when i conect to pc i press the ok for pc , but it hangsw there saying one moment , it allso says cant find camera
  12. C

    Olympus E-300 focusing problem

    I have a olympus E-300 which I dropped. Now it makes a noise like it is focusing but it doesn't. I bought a new(used) lens but the problem persists. Does any one know if this is repairable or any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks!!
  13. L

    Olympus camera cant dowload the pictures to pc

    Hello, I am trying to download some pics to pc (Olympus Camera)and it says "one moment" and nothing. Is not working.Please help, lucia_mic@yahoo.ca Thanks,
  14. T

    What is the best way to maximize the memory of a Olympus C-3030z?

    I have recently inherited an Olympus C-3030z digital camera. I have had a play with it and am finding it quite enjoyable just experimenting with the manual functions available and would like to get to grips with slightly more advanced photography than just point and shoot but as I am only a...
  15. P

    Is there a lense adaptor from film camera to a digital camera

    is there a lens adaptor for a Minolta film camera to an Olympus E500 digital camera ?
  16. M

    Olympus C-740 battery cover

    where can I buy a battery cover for an olympus c-740 camera?
  17. T

    Sunpak 344d and olympus e510

    Are these two able to work together without any problems.
  18. T

    Sunpak 334D will work on what cameras

    Hello, I have been given a sunpak 334d, will this work on a olympus e510
  19. V


    i can not use my old olympus camera C-370 with windovs 7 home. olympus master CD i get with camera did not work! What can i do?
  20. B

    Serial Cable for Olympus D-460 Digital Camera

    Any one know of a compatable serial cable for Olympus Camedia digital camera D-460 Zoom. Camera was given to my grandson with out the cable to transfer Photos from camera to computer.
  21. G

    Olympus Fe-4010

    XD card formatting help, because when i put it into the camera, it wont work. the card is brand new, and it says clean card, or format, and when i press to format, it says card error.
  22. E

    Which camera to get upgrade from olympus u700

    i want to upgrade my husbands olympus u700 as its on the blink, which camera has the same sort of features?
  23. M

    Cant find olympus camera connected tp pc

    Hello Support, I have recently purchased an Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1. After taking great stills and videos I now seem to have a problem with uploading/transfering images from camera to my PC. The fault with promptn I get is "Can't find an Olympus camera connectd to PC" it seems others are have...
  24. S


    Hello, I have a C750 Olympus camera. I also have a TCON 17(55MM) , 1.7X conversion telephoto lens. But the adapter ( CLA-4 ) for this lens is not available anywhere. Can i use a 46mm to 55mm step up ring instead of CLA-4 adapter. The c-750 camera has 45.6mm lens thread and the TCON 17 lens has a...
  25. A

    Do camera memory cards go bad

    Hello, i have recently put an old sd card into my new camera (old camera was a olympus new one is a samsung)but all the photos taken on the old camera show up blury while the ones taken on new camera are fine.Is this commonwhen alternting between different brand cameras?. surely if the card was...
  26. M

    Troubleshooting olympus 700

    Hello,my camera started playing up at our wedding recently, a lot of the photo's came out very yellow and with lines through them. It has since stopped working completely.When it is switched on the lens comes out and in then several lines of letters and numbers appear on the screen, they are...
  27. S

    Why is my olympus memory card from my camera doesnt show images on my computer

    this memory card which is a sd card for olympus camera .....did work on other laptops n computers but it not working on my computer why but!!!!
  28. G

    Sony v/s olympus

    hich should i choose......i've a budget bar.....
  29. O

    Olympus camera problems

    i have an olympus fe-3010 series camera that i frequently use and the last time i tried to use it , it froze. the lens came out but Ive got a blank screen and the only thing it recognizes is when the battery cap is open , its been stuck for about three days now and i haven't tries to do anything...
  30. I

    Olympus all weather 700 digi camera.

    Seems a common fault, the blue screen with error :??: type messages. My camera is only about two years old but has been "got at". Lens just goes in and out and wont take pics. Is there a cure?
  31. G

    Firmware upgrade for Olympus E300 (Evolt)

    Hi, I upgraded my evolt 300 to a 1.5 firmware and since then started to experience problems with firmware. like if i would want to change my shutter speed to a higher grade it would go to a lower grade... and does all the crazy sttuf. so how do i roll back the firmware or what should i do?
  32. JMcEntegart

    Tegra 2-powered Olympus Turns Up at the Market

    You just never know what you'll find at the local flea market. Tegra 2-powered Olympus Turns Up at the Market : Read more
  33. JMcEntegart

    Tegra 2 Moto Olympus Coming December/January

    Whoops-a-daisy! Tegra 2 Moto Olympus Coming December/January : Read more
  34. M

    How to open an olympus digicam that is being locked

  35. JMcEntegart

    Moto's Tegra 2-powered Olympus Coming 2011?

    With all this talk of dual-core Snapdragon's and Samsung's plans for a dual-core phone at the beginning of next year, we're definitely looking forward to the new year. Adding to our excitement are rumors of a Tegra 2-powered device from Motorola. Moto's Tegra 2-powered Olympus Coming 2011? ...
  36. G

    Olympus u700 all weather trouble shooting

    Hello, after leaving camera in car allnight. whenstarting up the screen remains blank even though the menu and all other fasilities come up on the screen.
  37. E

    Why wont my xd card format

    Hello, I have a Olympus FE-280. I've had it for 5 years and have never had a problem. I have 4 XD cards that I use on a regular basis, and once again, never had a problem. I put one of my cards in this morning to download pictures from and it says I have to format it, but if I format it I...
  38. G

    Pc wont recognise camera

    Hello, I have an E3 olympus and have had no probs up till now, all of a sudden my laptop says it does not recognise the camera and says it is faulty, I have uninstalled all my unecesary software including norton help
  39. L

    Problems with olympus cameras

    Hello, I have an olympus FE-340. When I press the power button the lens goes in and out a few times then the camera shuts off. Please help
  40. G

    Olympus camedia c 765

    how can i instal olympus c 765 if i dont have a pasword that was on disk packet can you help me out ?please :|....
  41. D

    Digital cameras with web cam

    Hello, does an Olympus FE-47 Black have a webcam on/in it?
  42. G

    Win 7 olympus XD card driver

    my lape top is not reading my Olympus XD Picture Card 1 MB
  43. D

    LCD screen is blank

    I have a Olympus SP 350 digital camera. I have an issue with my screen.. When I turn my camera on, it shows a blank white screen.. What does that mean??? The only thing it has on the screen is HQ 3264x2448 [xD] 106 with a little square box beside the 106. That's it... Can anyone assist me??
  44. D

    Olympus C-770

    The power switch is not working properly on my Olympus C-770. Although the camera is off when the switch is pushed far to the left, when moved to the right, it only shows the pictures already taken (playback mode), even when the switch is moved to the shooting modes (still pictures or movies)...
  45. X

    My fujifilm xd card doesnt work what do i do

    Hello, i got my mom a fujifilm A120,and a Xd card, but its by Olympus and it says card not initialized.or it will say write error. what do i do ??
  46. G

    Solved! Olympus camera questions

    Hello, is their anything that i can do to make my olympus E-500 camera bluetooth compatIble
  47. G

    Olympus U 700 All weather Faulty

    Hello,Camera showing Blue screen with 5f 08 and 5e 02 Lens comes out and in again but wont lock
  48. G

    Olympus D-550 windows 7 driver

    What do I need to upload pictures to a Windows 7 64 bit system?
  49. D

    Olympus C770 Camera will not turn off or on or.....

    I was taking pictures and finished by turning it off but it acted as if I had removed the battery. Good and charged battery, card in, all in the proper mode; the on/off slide switch seemd to have just quit operating. It has the lens extended but nothing seems to function. The is no image on...
  50. G

    Reset digital camera

    i have a digital olympus camera that the red light keeps flashing and won't do anything.It also stayed on
  51. F

    Olympus camera problems

    i have an olympus FE-5010 whenever i turn it on the lens comes out and goes back in at least 3 times before it stays open and then the screen is black. Its also telling me that the battery is empty and this can be so because I've charged it and also placed a new battery in it. The lens also...
  52. G

    Roundup: 3 New Beginner DSLRs

    Canon, Nikon and Olympus present upgraded DSLRs for people thinking about getting their feet wet in the world of detachable-lens photography. Roundup: 3 New Beginner DSLRs : Read more
  53. C

    Olympus C770 stop taking pictures

    I was snapping photos and all was well with the camera. I put the camera in play mode so I could look at the photos I just took- then I got ready to take more photos, so I changed it to 'camera mode' but the function did not change- and it still hasn't. I am not able to take pictures if the...
  54. M

    Olympus Stylus 880 locked picture

    I have an Olympus Stylus 880. I have a picture on the camera that is locked. (I didn't do this.) Does anyone know if there is a way to delete the picture or unlock it so I can then delete?
  55. Marcus Yam

    Olympus: 12 Megapixels Are Enough

    Even those without any intimate knowledge of digital imaging know that camera market is centered around megapixels. Olympus: 12 Megapixels Are Enough : Read more
  56. mickeddie

    Narrowed it down to three

    Hi, I've narrowed my search to these three: Olympus 565UZ Canon SX10 Nikon P80. Thoughts on these? Using AA batteries is a SERIOUS consideration for the Olympus and Canon (iirc they DO take AA batteries). Thanks!
  57. G

    Olympus Launches Five New Cameras

    Olympus on Monday launched five new cameras, including one that features a special touch-sensitive body to control the camera, which could reduce camera shake. Olympus Launches Five New Cameras : Read more
  58. G

    Using external flash with Olympus 7070

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) Hi, I am a film shooter, but am looking to get into digital. I like the specs of the Olympus Camedia 7070, and am thinking of that, or the Casio Exilim 700. Both allow the usage of external flashes (big thing for me). The Casio is very...
  59. R

    Rumour; Olympus to announce "something" Aug 29th

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital.slr-systems (More info?) Probably be a prosumer, but I hope it's a DSLR.
  60. G

    Olympus C-3040 eats batteries

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) I purchased a used Olympus C-3040 for my daughter and she says she is lucky to get 15 or twenty shots out of a pair of Lithium batteries. Anyone else experience this?