Keyboards and stylus choices for an Android Tablet


Mar 27, 2010
Dear Community,

Currently I was handed a tablet for my marking at uni (Samsung gt-n8010) and I quickly found myself using it to replace paper based note taking such as lab books and meeting notes with great ease. Obviously I will be able to keep it only for a limited amount of time and it has gotten me thinking of buying my own. Last year I left the apple market and married the Android world and am happy since. I have been looking into buying myself a tablet and I would like your experience based opinions on the following question/s but just before that some details of what I am looking in the tablet (note I have looked around a little and something like the Nexus 7 seemed attractive):

- I'm based in the UK. Looking for something within the 250 GBP price range (if I can save some pennies all the better).
- I am after an Android tablet.
- It should have a decent size 16GB already good, good screen quality possibly an IPS. Not sure what would be better between 7" and 10" (having a 10" at hand I have no experience on a 7"
- WiFi capabilities a must option of 3G not a priority.
- Integrated front and back cameras
- Possibly a usb port (data storage from analytical instruments) and video output but these are (welcome) optionals it would be nice to be able to have a presentation on it and just connect it up and be good to go.
- Uses: I don't really play games on android except the odd thing, the main functionality would be:
1. Primarily productivity email, note taking lab note keeping function and keeping paper use during my doctorate to a minimum by reading my science papers and possibly writing parts of my thesis with TeX,
2. Secondly it would be my entertainment centre for things such as watching movies, communicating, drawing, reading

So to my questions:
1. I want to have a stylus to use for note taking on certain occasions (also maybe do some digital drawing), are the styluses available on the market better/on par with the styluses provided with certain tablets e.g. the Samsung I am using atm?
2, I saw some tablets like the Asus transformer pad that have keyboard docks included, I really like the idea of having a physical keyboard to use to write up certain things on the go during train rides that I can remove for all other times. Like above are the bluetooth keyboard docks better/on par with ones such as those offered in systems like the Asus?

With the above in mind any opinions on tablet model options that you can offer from your experience and knowledge would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day


Oct 17, 2012
Have you seen the Dell venue 7 and 8 tablets? They do not have an integrated stylus as other tablets. Their comparative Windows 8 tablet, the Dell venue 8 PRO, has a stylus. I am not aware of anything else in the market, sorry.


Nov 25, 2014
Regarding the might want to check out an electronic active stylus to get fine line and good note taking or sketching results.

Check out the Dart by precision Touch. 2 mm fine tip and works on most devices.


It works really well and gets very fine lines and takes great handwriting notes.
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