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  1. K

    Where can I buy samsung tab 3 screen touch and how much

    My touch screen got cracked so I need a new one ,. The inner screen is intact
  2. T

    Solved! Touch Screen / Mouse out of Control

    I have Acer aspire R14 laptop running Windows 10. I've had this machine for about 8 months now and have loved it. Over the last while now I've had an issue where I suddenly lose control of the mouse - the cursor starts jumping all over opening random things. I get the grey circles as when one...
  3. Q

    Solved! Acer aspire wont load windows

    Hi everyone,I need your acer aspire touch screen E5-471P wont load the windows jst stays blank after loading past acer screen.
  4. M

    Freezing/ locking up randomly

    I have an hp envy touch screen and it is constantly freezing or locking up randomly everyday have to hard restart it every time. It will not take windows update. And I have done the multi hour test on the system and it passes. It’s 2 years old what to do now?
  5. E

    Battery, touch, and keyboard are off

    My laptop fell on the floor.. It won't open unless plugged in, so the battery doesnt work anymore or in not connected to the laptop.. I then tried to reconnect the battery manually as I tried it before using an online tutorial, but it didn't work. Instead! the screen touch stopped and the...
  6. G

    Help picking laptop under $850

    Hello, Since you all are experts I wanted to ask you what laptop you thought I should buy under $850. It needs to be touchscreen, 400GB+ SSD or Hybrid is possible, processor over 3 GHz (AMD or Intel), and have Windows 10 (Pro preferably). Main tasks on this laptop would be video editing, word...
  7. M

    Solved! RCA Voyager touch screen issues

    I have an older Voyager tablet that I did a hard reset and now the touchscreen won't recognize my touch It's stuck at the welcome screen.
  8. Quinco

    Toshiba Touch Screen

    Toshiba Touch screen in laptop not working. Does not appear in device manager. Display OK, just not the touch function. PSPQLA-005002 Satellite S50Dt-B Serial No:- 5E327606C
  9. J

    Solved! Touch screen ,screen stop showing picture

    My touch screen stop showing a picture
  10. C

    Solved! Buying a laptop for school

    I know all these laptops are overpowered for just school, however, I want something nice to last me for a while. I would like opinions on which computer I should get. I will say I am wanting a light and nice looking laptop. I like the internal specs of the Spectre in the first link, but not the...
  11. 3

    Solved! Laptop for Revit,AutoCad, etc.

    Daughter needs a touch screen laptop. 16-32 gb ram, 6-8 gb dedicated graphic card, 15 inc. Windows,
  12. H

    Solved! How much is my Lenovo Laptop worth to sell locally?

    My Laptop is a Lenovo Idea Pad. It has touch support with 10 points. It is an intel core i5 7th generation. 7200 CPU @ 2.50 to 2.71GHz. 12GB RAM on Board Memory.64 BIt Windows.It has a 1TB HDD. 15.6 inch laptop screen.
  13. D

    Acer one 10 stuck on automatic repair, touch screen doesn’t work and keyboard doesn’t work.

    My acer one is stuck on automatic repair, the blue screen comes up and shows restart and advanced options but the touch screen doesn’t work. Also the keyboard hasn’t worked in months so can’t do the reset options from previous posts. How am I able to fix this?
  14. D

    Solved! rca voyages pro tablet

    The corners of my touch screen tablet won't allow me to press anything and it was working fine earlier today
  15. D

    Will Disabling a Touch Screen Laptop's Touch Screen Increase Battery Life?

    Hi everyone. I have a laptop with a touch screen. I read that laptop's with touch screen's use more power than laptops that don't have touch screens. Assuming this is true, if I were able to disable my laptop's touch screen (for example, by disabling the drivers for it in Device Manager on...
  16. G

    Solved! Enable Bluetooth although screen is unreadable

    Somehow the touch screen on my Asus shattered. Can't see anything. I can plug hdmi into TV and see. Can u somehow enable Bluetooth to connect to my smart TV?
  17. L

    Looking for a 2 in 1 laptop

    Can you please give me some tips of the best touch screen laptops, with a beter graphic card than an intel
  18. A

    Solved! I have a model model I need help with

    Laptop Toshiba F3 CM-5 CAN ICES-3(B)/NMB-3(B) I can't find any info on this laptop I looked on Toshiba website and found nothing please I need help cause my battery is expanding and is breaking the charge port
  19. A

    Please help me to fix my problem with asus laptop

    Hello, for first sorry for my English. I Have problem with my asus laptop after update. I cannot power on sign-in on my laptop becouse i am stuck in the screen Page where i need to unlock, (enter pasword). I know my pasword, but touch screen don t giving my becouse work alon and work on another...
  20. R

    PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?

    For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another...
  21. S

    Windows 10 Touch Screen Tap not the same as Mouse click

    I'm running a Surface Pro tablet with Windows 10 installed. I'm trying to run a custom .exe app given to me by my company. For some reason, tapping the touch screen to hit a button on the app does not work. Nothing seems to happen. Some actions such as swiping and dragging works. Only single...
  22. J

    PC touch screen goes nuts

    Every time my Dell PC is restarted, or something is put into any port, the touchscreen goes completely nuts. I then pull up device manager and uninstall the touchscreen, but it happens again if it is restarted or any port is used. It can take a long time to do this, because the cursor is...
  23. M

    Solved! Is touch screen and pen useful in Windows laptop?

    Hi, is touch screen useful? How is pen function on Windows 10 laptop these days? I heard that it was not so good in the past. Not sure about now. Is if worth to get a laptop with touch screen and/or pen vs. FHD over portability and possibly better battery life?
  24. S

    My laptop touch screen stopped working suddenly.. I have tried all the settings from human user interface and restart. But doe

    Is it hardware or software problem. How can i fix it.
  25. M

    Solved! choosing midrange Windows laptop for running physics simulations, touch screen for notetaking, and in-system programming

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a decent affordable and portable PC laptop for running Matlab/python simulations, some multitasking, and programming simple embedded systems. My biggest concerns are battery life, processing speed, and the ability to take touchscreen notes on the fly in Onenote...
  26. A

    cursor legitly disappeared even after trying to press Fn+F9

    no, the cursor legitly disappeared from the laptop screen after using touch screen or when u were using the mouse pad halfway. Even after pressing Fn+F9, the cursor did not appear on the screen at all. Nothing works. And the laptop is not lagging or hang. Can you explain this please?
  27. S

    Touch pad not working, i can only use the touch screen.

    My Toshiba laptop is touchscreen but i rarely use it as one. So I've come to costume of just using the touch pad. It always disappeared from the screen in the past, but now it won't come back. So now I've just been using the touch screen but I can't do a lot of what i used to with the pointer.
  28. K

    My mouse or touch screen no longer works. I have reset everything, restarted it and still nothing so what can I do I have no p

    My mouse or touch screen no longer works. I have reset everything, restarted it and still nothing so what can I do I have no Pointer or touchscreen. I have to scroll up, down, side to side and tab my way around. Just bought it open box and it’s had everything I want but nothing is working! HELP!
  29. N

    My LG Stylo 3 was tossed into a small pool by my kid.

    I pulled it out in under a second. The phone turns on and off just fine, but the touch screen is unresponsive. It has been in uncooked rice since it happened. Water got inside the enclosing case. Not sure if it just needs more time to sit in the rice or if there is some trick to fix t his...
  30. X

    Iphone 5 unresponsive (touch)screen

    So i went swimming yesterday and when i was half in the swimming pool when i noticed my phone was in my pocket. A minute later i put it in the oven at 50°C, when i came home i opened the phone and put in the oven again for 1 hour. then i went to sleep and charged it the whole night. This morning...
  31. T

    Portege Z10-A digitizer doesn't work

    Updated the device drivers for my Portege z10-A and after that the touch screen doesn't respond to digitizer input. i've tried installing old drivers and nothing seems to work.
  32. P

    hp touch screen laptop with core i3 Intel processor cap's lock key blinking f12 amber light stays on and external screen is bl

    F12 key has a amber light that stays on the caps lock key hp touch screen laptop with core i3 Intel processor cap's lock key blinking f12 amber light stays on and external screen is blank blinking and the external screen is blank HP touch screen laptop Intel core i3
  33. Mugsy

    Solved! Can I replace Aptio 4 BIOS with Aptio V?

    I have a touch screen tablet with AMI Aptio 4 BIOS which has no touch screen support. I'd like to replace it with AMI's Aptio V BIOS which does. Would this even work? There is nothing to indicate the installed BIOS was customized specifically for this computer. The tablet is a discontinued...
  34. L

    My screen won’t come on but there is life there how to get my tablet back on?

    My screen has gone blank and there is no picture but when u touch screen the sounds of the keypad is there. How do I get my screen back on??
  35. B

    Unresponsive to touch, no physical damage

    I recently got a xiaomi mi a1, it has been taken care of well and no physical damage done to it. The touch screen and fingerprint reader randomly stopped working. I tried rebooting, fastboot and a factory reset, which didn't work. Is there anything i can do, any help appreciated. Thanks
  36. L

    Recently bought a lenovo yoga and find the sensitivity of the touch screen is much too high for my preference. How can I adjus

    Overly sensitive touch-screen keeps sending me around the internet while I am only trying to scroll the screen. Where is the setting to slow the screen down a bit?
  37. E

    Droid Maxx 2 broken :(

    Long story short, my touch screen doesn't respond to any of my commands a la freezing from time to time. When I try to open up an app, it automatically closes and vibrates. On some occasions, it vibrates for a period of time until it stops. (not a phone call from someone) Furthermore, I tried to...
  38. S

    touch sceen feature

    have a Toshiba satellite l55t need to turn on touch screen feature
  39. A

    My Toshiba mouse pad not working, I can only use the touch screen. How do I change the settings to use the mouse pad again

    I cannot find the touch screen settings to turn it off?
  40. J

    Which of these laptops would play The Sims 3 (with a few expansions) the best?

    Which of these laptops would play The Sims 3 (with a few expansions) the best? HP Silver Iridium Ci5 15-cc050wm 15.6" Laptop, Touchscreen, Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i5-7200U Processor, 12GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive...
  41. E

    my panasonic phone touch screen is not working

    touch is not working. so i cant open the lock screen
  42. T

    How to reanable the touch screen?

    My ASUS laptop V550C does not respond after I lock in. The cursor appears but become a round circle forever if I click any icon on the screen. Please help.
  43. M

    HP pavilion 15 touch screen

    Please I have HP Pavilion 15 touch screen core i3 laptop is it possible to upgrade it to core i5 or core 17 I have just upgraded the ram to 16gb
  44. D

    Stuck In Reset Loop

    i have an HP computer. its a newer model with a touch screen. it really slow so i decided to do a factory data reset. i chose the option that was recommended for keeping the computer and went waited for it to complete. that's when i ran into my problem. i don't know what happened but my computer...
  45. B

    Lenovo Thinkpad yoga 12 touch screen issues

    The screen is completely unresponsive to touch input; however, if light pressure (just enough to move the hinge) is applied a ton of "phantom touches" appear on the screen and don't leave until the screen is tilted at a different angle. I've updated all my drivers using Lenovo's auto detect...
  46. E

    Solved! Screen pannel repair

    Hi. I own a toshiba touch-screen laptop. I spilled water on it so I immediately dried it with a hair dryer and left it for 48 hours. It works perfectly fine but there is something wrong with the screen. It is in all different shades. I called Toshiba and they said that it would cost about 200...
  47. G

    Reset windows password on pendo pad 7

    I have a pendo pad 7 and I bought it brand new then I callibrated my touch screen and now it’s not responsive so how do I reset password with a USB or something pls
  48. M

    Budget Flat screen

    My tablet touch screen doesn't work,what can I do? It fell and the screen cracks.
  49. K

    have Toshiba Satellite notebook. touch screen suddenly quit. what happened?

    Never have had problem with my touch screen before, but suddenly quit working. what happened and how can I fix?
  50. K

    no display on touch screen

    No display, the fan comes on then stopped after 20 seconds.can hear HDD running.all lights on laptop keyboard are working. just no display.tried many remedies. such as holding down backspace while starting. removed the battery and pulled the plug. let sit a few minutes. restart and still no...
  51. C

    I love my HP Touchsmart 15-ac121dx 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop, but..

    Hi:) My son dropped doing his online school and cracked the top and bottom case outside only of my HP Touchsmart 15-ac121dx 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop. What ould this fix that without my having to break my family for a new laptop? Also since what I'm thinking is bevel and handrest from pictures...
  52. P

    Its fully charged i press the button to turn on which is on the side n still wont turn on

    My touch screen tablet/laptop wont turn on im getting real pissed off
  53. T

    thin red line in center of any video player screen. how can i remove ity

    HP 15 bw033wm touch screen display only had it two days
  54. M

    Can I use a Inspiron 13 screen on a Inspiron 7720 to finish factory reset

    I have a Inspiron 7720 that has broken screen. I was using a vga until I decided to do a factory reset. Now can't see anything because no drivers. Can I temporarily connect a 13" touch screen to my 7720. Need to finish reset etc
  55. G

    it is a new ideapad i purchased 2 years ago and i never used it i left it i the box in the room

    it is a new ideapad i never used it so what could be wrong with it,would it be the lack of use or something else,some one said guy a new one and so it is new touch screen ideapad.:??:
  56. N

    Looking for budget laptop

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations for the most reliable touch-screen laptop under $400. It needs to run general tasks like Microsoft Office and light internet tasks. Outside of that, I'm just looking for the most bang for the price. Long-lasting, good battery life, decent cpu, good...
  57. J

    HELP! Tell me what happened to my screen.

    Please help! I hope I'm in the right place to ask but I'm horrified right now. My Mom's tablet is in trouble. I have no idea what's going on with the screen. For sure, I never dropped it nor splashed it with any liquid. Please look at these photos (in URL) for your peruse. What could be the...
  58. J

    I have a toshiba C55Dt laptop and the screen and keyboard stop working, any advice on how to fix?

    Laptop touch screen doesn't work or keyboard. Have to use onscreen keyboard. Tried going to device manager and monitor but nothing comes up for a touch screen on this laptop.
  59. W

    What is the best touchscreen laptop?

    Which touch screen laptopi would you recommend under 500 pound?