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  1. K

    Touch screen isn't working

    GpadF 8.0. It has always been irritating in certain spots on the screen at times but now it's all the time can't even type in the lock screen to get to apps. Went to guest same problem. Have I shut something off by accident ??
  2. A

    White lines on waking up display, looks fine when restarted Acer R5 Intel 520

    This problem started this week. Not sure if related to my power plug becoming loose and me having to push the plug into the laptop for the battery to charge. Here's my laptop, its a touch screen device with 360 degree screen movement/tablet mode...
  3. M

    having it all

    Hi. I'd like to buy a 17 inch touch screen laptop, EnergyStar certified, Windows Ink ready, fast, strong graphics, to support 3 screens (2 external plus laptop). Can anyone advise me? No one seems to have that combo on the shelf. ?Custom option?
  4. N

    Phone Dropping Softly

    So recently If I get mad because my touchscreen goes insane like theres alot of people touching my screen but nope, im the only 1. So i got mad, threw it in a sofa, bounced. Can it break the battery? hardwares? screen is fine doe Samsung J2 Prime
  5. P

    46' Touch Screen Television

    Hey guys, I want to know if there`s a great 46' Touch Screen Television to use Google Earth and things like that. Thanks
  6. A

    Laptop show only Black sceern

    After my flight now I just noticed my laptop screen show only black screen The laptop is not touch screen When I hold and touch behind of screen with my finger ( the laptop door) than screen work perfectly but without my finger it show only black screen Whats wrong ? What should I do?
  7. M

    Monitor driver IMPOSSIBLE to find

    Can't find driver for Hyundai D190MLI Touch Screen **ANYWHERE**. Tried driver finding software like Driver Max, Driver Pack Solution etc but to no avail. Hyundai don't have the drivers on their HyundaiIT or Hyundai Monitor websites.
  8. J

    Rca tablet keyboard issue

    All of a sudden my rca tablet started using a touch screen keyboard. How do I turn it off
  9. N

    Looking for something simple

    I'm not able to do harsh sports including running so swimming is my only choice. My criteria would be -able to go swimming indoor (doesn't need to have specific app for it but if it does, that would be great) -sleep tracking -walking and daily movements basis -interchangeable bands -has...
  10. C

    Error message loop

    I have a touch screen aspire. as soon as I turn it on it trys to start up, but instead I get an error message saying that there is a problem installing windows and to try restarting it. So I click okay or click the x and it just keeps going threw the same process over and over again.
  11. T

    Sharp Aquos sound fine but zero picture

    I have a sharp aquos that worked fine yesterday, but today I have sound and zero picture. I can't even see the input. I have tried to do a factory reset with the remote (the tv is touch screen and no buttons on the side) with no luck
  12. P

    My computer is a HP touch screen and it has pink and green lines on the screen but everything Else works

    Pink and green lines on the . Screen on my HP touch screen
  13. T

    RCA Voyager Welcome screen won't let me touch screen to go "next"

    This is a fairly new tablet and I already reset it because I forgot password. Now I can't touch the Welcome screen to set it up again. No touching
  14. M

    Looking for Dell Inspiron 5558 Touch Screen Driver

    Dear all, I've been suffering from Dell Inspiron 5558's touch screen not working. The problem all started when I turned it off once at Human Interface Devices of Device Manager in Control Panel. After some time, I went back to look for HID-Compliant TOuch screen but couldn't find it on the...
  15. M

    My ASUS notebook (touch screen) is not working. I did some solutions but still no progress.

    I searched some solutions for it but no progress. My mousepad was also not responding until I did the solutions for the touchscreen. In the end, it only fixed my mousepad. My touch screen was surely working yesterday.
  16. F

    Fix a HP Omen damaged touch screen (visual display not damaged)

    not long ago, we had an emergancy where EMS came out and they dropped their gear on table where my laptop was. Although it was in the protective case, it was enough to crack the glass, and although the visuals are unaffected, the touch-screen capabilities are gone (I had to disable the touch...
  17. I

    Replacement LCD Screen

    Anyone know where I can get a replacement screen for a ASUS Touch Screen Laptop Tablet i5 T300L? Thanks!
  18. E

    cursor not showing

    I can't see the cursor when it's pointed at the web page but it shows when it's pointed at the desktop or other functions. laptop is touch screen.
  19. P

    How do you fix a small 10 inch RCA?

    My RCA 10 inch computer / touch screen computer doesn't want to turn on but neither does it want it want to charge. What do I
  20. D

    Acer Aspire E14 Touch - Screen turned black but still running

    Hi! I just want to seek some help regarding this issue ... My laptop suddenly turned black when I was currently watching a movie. I thought at first that its battery was already drained but then I noticed that the movie I'm watching was still playing, and when you look at it closely you can...
  21. Aedan929

    Touch Screen Not Detected on Dell Inspiron 15 3541

    Hi, i bought this laptop used off ebay for a great deal because the screen was badly cracked. So I installed a new screen today and I wanted to try out the touchscreen but nothing worked. So i browsed a bunch of forums and found nothing. I checked in device manager for touchscreens in the HID...
  22. E

    Finding an app to manually input characters for password of a broken touchscreen tablet

    some part of k3400ib talbet touch screen does not work(display works fine). I need to input the password to get into the tablet. Can anyone suggest an app that can be used to input characters using a laptop to the tablet? Thank you in advance
  23. R

    How do I use the SIM card slot in laptop?

    Hello, hopefully this is the right place. I have the 'ZOOSTORM TOUCH SCREEN 11.6" LAPTOP, INTEL 1037U, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, WINDOWS​ 10' and it comes with a SIM card slot, I want to use my personal three reward SIM 200mb free every month but i am having no luck. Is it possible or is this slot...
  24. BiggerBluer

    What is a laptop similar to the old IBM ThinkPads?

    I am looking for a laptop that can take a beating. I don't care what it looks like. I don't care if it weights 30 lbs. I would prefer to be able to access parts to be able to change them out later. I would also prefer no touch screen. Are the current thinkpads still decent? What are my options...
  25. F

    Galaxy Tab 3

    My Galaxy Tab 3 touch screen is unresponsive. I've tried 10 sec power button, power+volume down+home button, factory data reset, partition wipe and open the device reseating all the ribbon cables including the battery connector. It's still unresponsive. How to I determine if I need a new...
  26. J

    toshiba toshiba touch screen not working

    my Toshiba z20t touch screen stopped working earlier don know how to get it back? help pls
  27. L

    touch screen not working

    toshiba s 55t laptop touch screen has stopped working. Have deleted and reinstalled windows 10 and reset to factory default but problem not solved. any suggestions?
  28. O

    Toshiba Satellite P50t-A Touch Screen Not Working After Windows 10 Upgrade

    Hello, Hope I am in the right section to inquire about my issue. After I upgraded my Laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10 through automatic update, I have just noticed that my Laptop Touch Screen did not work anymore. Do you happen to know what is the perfect resolution for this? If you could...
  29. Z

    Replacing Dell 15R 5537 Touch screen LCDwith FHD non touch LCD

    The laptop has vertical lines of dead pixels running across the screen and I want to get the LCD replaced. Now the non touch screen model of this laptop has a Full HD variant (1920x1080) as opposed to the standard 1366x768 WXGA HD display while the touch models only come with the WXGA HD LCDs...
  30. C

    slow new laptop

    Recently I bought a new Asus laptop with touch screen Intel Core I7 Nvidia GEOFORCE graphic card 4 gb Ram and 1TB Hard Drive I was thinking it is a fast laptop but it is not the case !!! can someone help me to solve the problem or should I took it back to the seller Thanks...
  31. Z

    Touch Screen Problem

    I have an android tablet, and lately I've been having some serious touch screen problems. I can turn the device on and off, turn the volume on or off, but it doesn't respond to touch to any part of the screen. Are there any possible ways I can fix this? Note: I can't click on anything, nothing...
  32. S

    Looking at pre-paid Android touch-screen phone please thanks you

    So what is your cheapest prepaid Android touch screen phone you have in stock with the monthly payments can you please answer tha for me. Thanks you
  33. T

    I dropped my lap top, it wouldn't turn on for 9 days, now it does but I don't know how I fixed it. Did my action truly fix it? It is an HP ProBook x2 612 G1. It has a detachable touchscreen. After I dropped it (while it was on) from about 5 feet onto a wood floor it immediately shut off. The fall chipped off part of the corner of the back cover of the display. For ten days after I broke it...
  34. F

    Toshiba Touch Screen and USB Ports do not work when windows boots up

    I have a toshiba satellite L50t-b1780. It was working fine but suddenly the USB Ports and Touch Screen have stopped working. There is no hardware problem, the ports and touch screen work fine when I press F2 and I am in the F2 menu, but as soon as I exit the F2 menu and the windows loads up, the...
  35. E

    wireless USB for touch screen

    I am trying to make the touch screen for my PC wireless. i have a wireless HDMI adapter but i need wireless USB for the touch to work. long short i am looking to replace a USB cable with something wireless. Any ideas would be great! thanks
  36. B

    Touchscreen wont work !

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1. . I changed the battery and loaded it. Now I cannot get into the system. The touch screen do not react. How to get into the system. Pressing the ON and SOUND buttons will not open up the system. Anybody have ideas what to do ?
  37. N

    To DVD or not DVD ?

    Yesterday I bought a Lenovo 710 4K touch screen. However, I have not opened the box and probably taking it back. I assumed a DVD/Bluray optical drive was automatically equipped on the laptops. Come to find out that is no longer the case. I'm still old school and travel. For my son and I, I...
  38. J

    Touch screen Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 not responding

    Hello Forum, I came to see if somebody can help me or at least give me some orientation on my problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100, I came home one day and I discover one of my cats drop it and the screen got crack, I turned on, but the touch screen doesn't responded. I order a...
  39. N

    Touch screen doesn't work except in spots

    My touch screen stopped working yesterday and I reset my tablet to fix the problem but nothing works and it only works in spots!!!! I have to turn the tablet around and around to find a good spot!!!
  40. V

    replacing touch with non touch

    i have Dell Inspiron 15 I5558-5718Slv Signature Edition Laptop its a touch has been broken i have searched for it but costs more nearly half the cost of laptop. so can i replace with non touch screen
  41. J

    Lenovo y50 Touch Screen Replacement Question

    I recently dropped my backpack and cracked the corner of my Lenovo y50 touch screen. The display is still fully functional, no loss of color or pixels, but the LCD glass is heavily cracked so I'd like to repair it. I've researched enough to realized that replacing the touch screen version is...
  42. K

    Upgrade to touch screen

    I have a toshiba satellite C655. Is it possible to upgrade it to a touch screen.
  43. M

    Touch Screen Not Working

    Hi, my Asus Q302 convertible laptop worked fine until yesterday I installed windows updates restarted and immediately afterwards , the touch screen stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the update and restoring the computer to a time point on Friday, both without success. The computer...
  44. T

    acer v5 won't boot

    I have an acer v5 aspire I bought a couple of years ago. i can't remember the exact model, but it's got a 15'6'' touch screen. a few months ago the left bottom corner (near the power button) shattered. that means that I had absolutely no control over it - it'd open and close programs at random...
  45. N

    Non responsive touch screen

    I recently purchased a dell inspiron 7559 gaming laptop with UHD 4K display and touch screen. When I used it first the touch screen worked for the first 15 mins and then stopped responding. I restarted the laptop and it worked for a while and stopped again. I restarted it again and it didn't...
  46. B

    Kirabook cursor problem

    My Kirabook is suddenly having major problems with the cursor when I use it without a mouse. It jumps, hangs up websites and has little ghosted circles on the touch screen on right hand side of the screen. I feel like some hardware has been knocked loose because I can press on the front panel...
  47. xEpicElliex

    Galaxy S6 and Piano Tiles 2 - touch help!

    So I have recently bought a brand new Samsung S6 and have had it about 2 weeks now, I have started playing Piano Tiles 2 and got hooked straight away, I have been competing with friends for top scores but over the past few days I have been experiencing a problem where the game thinks I have...
  48. T

    A touch screen 2 in 1, portable, gaming laptop under 80,000₹ (India)

    1. What is your budget? Under 80,000 INR 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Anything above 14" 3. What screen resolution do you want? No such preference 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Preferably. 5. How much battery life do you need...
  49. K

    Display blank but touch screen works

    This might be a bit long winded but I want to explain exactly what happened. I have an HP Envy with touchscreen display. I had some issues with my keyboard so I replaced it but in doing so, I broke the connection on the motherboard for the display. I got a new motherboard and installed it but...
  50. V

    the touch screen - how to turn on !? Inspiron 5758

    i have the 17.3" Inspiron 5758. How do i turn on the touch screeen ? or is that a function you can order on the side when purthesing the dell computer ? it did not come up as an option when i orderd the machine.
  51. R

    UX303UB Cracked QHD Touch Screen

    I dropped my UX303UB and of course it cracked the QHD screen. The screen works but touch does not, and I would like to replace it. I am trying to contact Asus about repair costs but I'm certain it will be cheaper to buy the parts and take it to a repair shop. Does anybody know where I can find...
  52. J

    Could I find a good laptop for gaming that also is touch screen ?

    I want to find a good laptop that is good for gaming but is also touchscreen compatible If anyone knows of any good brands/specific laptops and could point me in the right direction it would be a great help .
  53. F

    Touch screen not working

    When I power up, the touch screen functions normally. As soon as I enter my password and press Return I can control the cursor only with an external mouse. What have I done wrong please?
  54. J

    Replacing a non-touch screen (broken) with a touch screen

    I have an acer aspire m3 581T series ultrabook, but my screen is broken. Can I replace it with a touch screen. Whether the touch screen works as a touch screen or not is irrelevant I just want to be able to use my laptop.
  55. C

    Lenovo Keyboard stopped

    Lenovo Flex 2-14 keyboard stopped working. I only have the use of the Touch Screen keyboard which I have never used. Please help.
  56. U

    Touch laptop with cracked glass, it possible to remove just the glass?

    I don't know about this but i heard touch laptops have a protective glass or something like that, i don't care about the touchscreen but the cracked glass in "spider web" form is annoying especially in white bg, can i just remove this extra glass and stay with a non-touch screen laptop? It's a...
  57. S

    laptop graphic designer Pascal touch screen big battery HELP

    Hi I am looking for laptop for graphic designer work. I would like Pascal gpu and touch screen with big battery. Can any one help me find one? Budget 500 to 1000 max.
  58. Shaun98

    Touch screen laptop screen broken. can I replace it with a non touch screen?

    Hi I have a toshiba satellite nb10t-a-101 touch screen laptop and I've broke the screen. I have replaced loads of non touch screen laptops before with no issues but this is my first time trying to replace one with touch. Basically what I'm wondering is can I order a non touch screen and use...
  59. B

    ematic sreen cracked

    8" ematic windows tablet touch screen was cracked but it starts up. Just can't open some things. I assume if I just replace the cracked screen that all will be well as long as it boots up?