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    touchscreen doesnt respond

    Hi everyone, I have Gsmart GS202 on which touch screen doesnt respond anymore. Can anybody tell me which part of the phone is response for touch working so I can properly order a part? On pic1, when I first opened the phone, flat cable was damaged only on pin 6, I tried to fix it but then...
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    Starry Station Router Review: Easy Controls, Uneven Performance

    Get the Starry Station if you prize looks and simple touch-screen controls. However, you can get more consistent performance from other routers that cost far less than $350. Starry Station Router Review: Easy Controls, Uneven Performance : Read more
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    Toshiba Satellite L15W-B touch screen not working

    Touch screen not working
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    My kid smashed his Asus tab.

    Touch screen not working. Hence cant access anything. How to know which model the tab is? This would be helpful to explore the screen replacement. Please help.
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    My 40 pin touch screen that came new in box with my acer....

    The screen cracked, I tried to replace, and it was only the digitizer because these people selling them are vauge, then I tried again buying complete screen with everything and casing and it even said "YES IT IS COMPATIBLE" with my laptop model version and everything... Well no its not... its a...
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    white vertical line on very left of screen

    i have a dell touch screen laptop, when ever i press on the bottom left corner of my screen no were else (just a little above the hing) a white vertical line pops up on the the very left of the screen. depending on were i press and how hard (i don't press very hard as to not make the problem...
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    Replacing laptop touch screen (broken) with a non-touch screen of the same size

    I have a Acer Aspire E5-511 Series (E5-511P-P4X4) Touch with a broken touch screen. I could only find a replacement touch screen for it here but it's always out of stock and nobody has any other replacement (in North America). So I just want to replace it with the same size screen, just...
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    i am using toshiba model P845t-S4310, but i couldnt able to use the thouch screen, can help please?

    Hello, i am using Toshiba model P845t-S4310, but i couldn't able to use the touch screen. i tried to check the drivers and update them all if the driver is missed or corrupted but unfortunately that doesn't help me. anybody if u encounters same problem please help me out. Thanks,
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    Non touch screen replacing touch screen?

    I have a dell laptop without a touchscreen and a toshiba laptop with a touchscreen. The toshiba has a large crack in the glass part of the screen. If I were to take the screen out of the dell, could I use it to replace the toshiba screen. I'm aware the touchscreen wouldn't work. I just don't...
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    Gaming of i7 4722hq

    I am gonna buy a laptop with these config.- i7 4722hq quad core, 12 gb ram, 1 tb hdd, nvidia gtx 950m 4gb, w10-64 bit. So with this lappy can i play games like battlefield 4, far cry 4, gta V, Cod aw, nfs rival etc AAA games?
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    Toshiba laptop price

    My TOSHIBA P50T-A016 15" Touch Screen Notebook was purchased in September 2013. It has barely been used and I want to sell it. How much would it be worth now?
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    Is it the touchscreen or display?

    My son has an Asus X550LA-Ri7T27 laptop with a touch screen. He knocked it against a bed post and cracked the screen. The screen has a few cracks that spider out from the upper left corner. The touchscreen works fine. The touchpad runs across the screen fine. The computer works fine... it just...
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    My toshiba satellite click 2 pro laptop touch screen damged i need touch if it is avaiblibel so kindly inform me

    My toshiba satellite click 2 pro laptop touch screen damged i need touch if it is avaiblibel so kindly inform me
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    My screen goes black when I sign in

    Help! I turn my laptop on and after I log in, the screen goes black and I have to shut it off & turn back on & I have to re-login. It's an ASUS touch screen, spent $1300 on it and it has been acting stupid lately. It's at least 2 years old and I rarely use it. Only for pictures, videos and...
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    iPhone 5s lower half of screen not working

    Hello, I had my phone cracked a few months ago. Everything worked fine, camera, screen, everything. I decided to get it fixed so I went down to my local tech store where they fixed it for a fee less than Apple would. After they fixed it, everything worked fine... Then a few days later, the...
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    Need laptop with touch and dvd/cd

    Need quality lPtop/ notebook with both touch screen and dvd/cd burner player
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    Starter DSLR camera

    Hello i'm looking into buying a good starter DSLR camera, would like it to have a touch screen LCD. My price range is around $300-$500. Can anyone recommend anything good? Ive checked online and they're literally tons and tons of different answers... kinda overwhelming~
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    My Acer aspire V5-122p-0408 touch screen will turn on and show the Acer sign and the little circle but then it goes black. Wha

    My Acer aspire V5-122p-0408 touch screen will turn on and shows the Acer sign and the little circle but then it goes black. What do I need to do?
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    Asus ZenPad z580c replacement touch screen

    Where can I find a replacement screen for ZenPad z580 8"?? Internet store that Ships to israel Thanks noam
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    Replacement for lenovo y50-70 touch screen

    hello everyone, i wanted to ask if I can replace my touch screen Lenovo laptop with a non touch screen one, if yes, where can I buy one? Thanks in advance
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    Laptop Screen tilt disables touch features

    When I tilt my laptop's monitor beyond a certain point the touch features stop working, however, if I tilt it back to where it was before, the touch will work again. I've checked for driver updates from dell and from windows update. Windows 10 64x Dell Inspiron 7737
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    u920t b919 Toshiba

    Hello Guys, I have the toshiba u920t b919 with touch screen not working. i was looking for a way to download the recovery media .. anyone can help!!
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    help me choose a laptop

    trying to decide between a dell inspiron 15.6 touch-screen intel i3,6gb memory 1tb hard drive for $349.00 or a hp pavilion 15.6 touch screen intel core i5 8gb memory 1.0 tb hard drive for 479.00. help ! it the hp worth the extra money.
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    Lenovo 900 or Surface Book

    Hi guys, I am looking into buying a 2-in-1 laptop. Let's begin with money. Max that I will pay for a 2-in-1 laptop is around 1600$. The best in the market right now is the Lenovo 900 and the Surface Book, also the Hp Spectre x360, but I tried it on my friends laptop and it has really bad...
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    Toshiba Satellite Touch Screen and Elgato

    Will my elgato hd60 work with a toshiba satellite touch screen heres the link
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    Black screen, LCD and Digitizer/Touch broken. Suicidal.. (Samsung TAB S 8.4)

    Hi.. I've just had my tablet returned from abroad still broken. Multiple shops in my country and abroad do not have the parts that need replacing. This issue is causing my family a lot of stress and I feel something is going to fucking blow up if it won't fix. There is a whole lot of oter...
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    Lenovo y700 suggestions

    Hi All. I am Planning to buy a Lenovo y700 . Actually i am confused with 3 models of lenovo y700 with various specs and cost... Please help me to make a decision.. The 3 models are: 1. Lenovo y700 for 999$- Touch, No SSD, Only 8 GB Ram(on best buy) 2. Lenovo y700 for 1050$- Non Touch, Has SSD...
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    Touch screen not working on Asus TP550L

    My touchscreen is not working on my Asus TP550L. The comp is a month old and this problem just occurred recently. I have seen many posts about checking to make sure that the driver does not shut off to save power and also checking the USB Input Device under Human Interface in the Device...
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    Keyboard Failure on Asus x200ca Laptop

    hi i have a x200ca notebook pc as my second asus device the keyboard is not working and the touch screen will not type either
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    Touch Not Responding Samsung S3

    i had water in my phone by mistake after that the touch screen wasnt responding if i touch it doesnt work it is not a black screen the buttons work but not the touch please help me i have s3
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    Iam a graphic designer .i need a laptop with touch screen & pen ( to draw on the screen ).

    i need to buy a laptop.( touch screen & pen)
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    Looking for a laptop under 700$ with SSD

    So I'm sorry if there is another post like this one but I just couldn't find the hardware configuration I was looking for. I will be using it for college purposes I definitely need an ssd for the faster boot times and such I'll only be playing Dota 2 on it so on board graphics are good enough...
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    My galaxy tab 4 won't slide to unlock...tried everything and it will probably be do I get my 3rd party game inf

    My tablet would take unlock. Possibly the touch screen is defective. I have done my research trying to find ways to unlock it but if it won't touch ...Nothing works. So I need to have it replaced. But I've been playing game of war and mobile strike for months and don't want to lose my...
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    USB ports stopped working on my Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series

    After the last update all my ports stopped working. Any ideas on what to do? My touchscreen also is not working. I need help!
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    Battery life of hp envy x360 15t (Touch)

    I am considering the hp envy x360 155 which is a touch screen laptop. I was wondering what is the battery life. I am concerned since touch screens hog a lot of power and reduces the battery life. Is the battery life of the above model better than that of the Dell Inspiron 5000 series (5548 ,5558...
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    uninstalled my touch screen driver

    I uninstalled my touch screen driver, hoping it will reinstall from a reboot, boy was i wrong, i just did it in a haste. Now it wont pop up in device manager and the site doesnt have anydrivers for it. Does anyone know how to get it back My laptop is an Acer Apsire V3-572PG 15" Touch
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    2 in 1 Tablet. Touch screen will not work.

    Hey guys! Yesterday my girlfriend bought a RCA 2 in 1 tablet and the touch screen will not work as a touchscreen. Ive been looking and looking into everything and cant find a solution. All the drivers are up to date. When I look into about this PC I noticed "No pen and touch display is available...
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    Touch screen glare solutions?

    I have a Samsung touchscreen laptop that is about two years old. The touchscreen glare is so bad it is almost unusable is some places. Is there any kind of screen protector type film that would eliminate the glare? I almost always use a mouse so it the screen is not as responsive I am...
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    choosing between Dell Inspiron i5 6200/15" 1920 touch screen/ 12GB/1TB/DVD and Lenovo Ideapad 500 i7 6500/ 15" 1920 non touch

    choosing between Dell touch screen i5 6200 and Lenovo non touch i7 6500
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    laptop touch screen, screen protector

    hi, i recently got a hp pavilion touchscreen laptop 15.6 inch screen, my question is this. What is the best screen protector for my touch screen and is there protectors with glare reduction? Also i've seen around the net others say to not get a screen protector because when they pull the...
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    How do I reinstall touch screen on Inspiron 3521

    My touch screen disappeared after upgrade from 8 to 8.1 and then to 10. One day it worked in 8.1 and the it was gone. Please tell me (in simple language) how to get it back. Dell Diagnostics said it was not installed.
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    $300 budget for Laptop

    I'm looking to get my mom a laptop for christmas and I have $300 to do so. She has been wanting one for personal use (watching netflix, shopping online, etc) and just needs something basic, but I want to get the most laptop I can get for the money. Im considering this refurbished laptop with...
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    What happened to the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 model?

    Greetings! I've been planning to buy a Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop (non-touch screen, i5-6300hq, GTX960m) in Canada, which was only available on the official Dell store for 1099 CAD. Recently I noticed this model has been replaced by a similar one, but with a i7 processor and the price has been...
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    1080p vs 4K Laptop for Gaming & Video/Photo Editing

    Hello, I'm currently on the market for a new laptop. I'm going off to college next year and I'm looking for something that will hold me till I graduate college. It's mostly going to be used for the standard college stuff, as well as some video/photo editing as that's a bit of a hobby of mine...
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    Lenovo Yoga 2 13 touch screen freaks out

    Hi, so i have a Lenovo Yoga 2 13 since last month and almost immediately it started to give me problems with the touch screen. In fact, even though after turning it on it seems to work just fine after a while the touch screen starts recieving several inputs and doesn't follow mine . At this...
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    What laptop should I get?

    I'm not sure if I put this in the right category but I'm looking to buy a laptop and I don't know which one I should buy. I'm looking for a laptop with: 500GB of storage at least. Not a touch screen (I don't like them) Around $1000 don't want to spend more than $1200 Good battery life (at...
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    HELP! Asus Vivobook touch screen keeps clicking itself

    Hello, I've been using Asus Vivobook with Windows 8 os for approx. 3 years and my laptop was totally fine until yesterday the touchscreen suddenly start to click itself as if someone was tapping the screen nonstop. It makes me uncomfortable while using my laptop. The 'ghost' clicks everything...
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    Dell Inspiration 15 5000 Series Upgrading parts

    I have have a dell and i was wounding multiple things. i have the standard non-touchscreen model 1) Can i upgrade my laptop screen to the touch screen model (without getting a new motherboard....) 2) Can the RAM be upgraded And What is the max amount. 3) can the possessor be upgraded. I7...
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    I am looking for a Quad Core Skylake CPU laptop, NON TOUCH SCREEN in the 15 inch size , has any one seen one for sale on market yet ?
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    2 in 1 with wacom digtitizer

    Hi there, I need some help looking for a 2 in 1 laptop I’m an artist/ student and I’m looking for a laptop that I can draw on. It NEEDS to be able to hold Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to be able to draw directly on it with a pen. Some of the specs I would prefer are: Convertible to tablet...
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    Struggling to pick a new laptop!

    Hi all! I'm replacing my broken Samsung NP350-V5C. It had an i5 3rd Gen CPU, I'd upgraded the RAM to 8GB, and I'd replaced the ODD with a 250GB SSD. It never was the same after replacing the ODD with an SSD and began a slow and painful decline. I'd appreciate any tips or advice on picking a new...
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    960m 4gb vs 860m 2gb

    I can pick between 2 laptops, both are 4k resolution and have identical specs, the only difference are as follows. Laptop 1: - 860M 2gb - Touch Screen Display - 80$ Cheaper Laptop 2: - 960M 4gb - NO touch screen - 80$ More Expensive. The reason I ask is because I suspect that its no the...
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    Want to buy a Touch Screen Laptop with suitable features!!

    I am planning to buy a touch screen Laptop, I need help in selecting the right features for it. As I have a budget of 900$, which one would you recommend the best Touch Screen Laptop in this range. As I am mainly going to use for Entertainment and project purpose. HereI am come up with 2 options...
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    Laptop for a Student?

    I'm going to need a laptop for school. I need one that looks good, has at least 128GB of storage, looks good, lightweight, has a touch screen and costs less than $700AUD. Any ideas?
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    reviews about HP14 R005 NE

    is HP 14 R005 NE touch screen notebook a good one, what are the review, what are the pros and cons, what is it's price
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    best 2 in 1 laptops.....any budget..

    please help me...this is my first post...i want to get a great 2 in 1 any must also be good for gaming..have a touch screen ..all high specs..good brand..:) ..thanks in advance
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    review about a laptop

    is HP 14 R005 NE touch screen notebook a good one, what are the reviews about it, what are the pros and cons, what is it's price
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    Black bird i8200 tablet

    Hi, After sotware upgrade for my Black bird (meracle i8200) tablet to wintouch software, the touch screen won't work the tablet now work with mouse USB , but still the touch screen not working, please help how to the factory reset does't solve the problem. Regards .
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    Acer aspire laptop black screen orange light flashing when trying to turn on?

    Acer laptop v5 touch screen pressing turn on button black screen but orange power button is flashing? Help ASAP plz