white vertical line on very left of screen


Jul 4, 2016
i have a dell touch screen laptop, when ever i press on the bottom left corner of my screen no were else (just a little above the hing) a white vertical line pops up on the the very left of the screen. depending on were i press and how hard (i don't press very hard as to not make the problem worse) it ether lightly pops up on the bottom or top half of the screen,or goes from the bottom all the way to the top.this line always disappears after i stop pressing on that spot. i have dropped this laptop a few times but it was on carpet and it wasn't a very far drop. there was no damage done to the laptop from what i could tell. also the past few months when i go to bed i leave the laptop open with the screen horizontal on the floor so the fan can easily get air. so after all that i have some questions 1.what would be the most possible cause of the white line? 2.what would be the best way to fix this problem and a price range for it? 3.is leaving the laptop on the screen as stated above safe? 4.if i have to replace the screen do i have to buy a touch screen LCD or can i buy a non touch screen LCD and use the digitizer from the original one. and 5. what would happen if i just ignore this problem and try my best not to cause any more problem around that area of the screen. if you feel there's any thing else that need's to be noted it would be much appreciated. Edit: it seems the sticker that had the model number on it has been wore down to the point were it simply cant be read, I'm not sure what the make is iv had it for about 2-3 years and don't really have any thing that came in the box for it. can you help me with my problem with out this information?