Aug 6, 2010
I am planning to buy a touch screen Laptop, I need help in selecting the right features for it. As I have a budget of 900$, which one would you recommend the best Touch Screen Laptop in this range. As I am mainly going to use for Entertainment and project purpose.
HereI am come up with 2 options where

1) Dell INSPIRON 15R (TOUCH)- W540780IN8 featuring
a) 15.6" (1366x768)
b) 6 cell Lion Battery
c) i5 (4210u processor)
d) 1TB Hard drive
e) Nvidia 740m 2Gb graphics
f) DVD Writer Optical drive one USB 2.0 extra

2) Lenovo Yoga 500 TOUCH (80N40041IN) featuring
a) 14"(1920x1080) 360 degree rotation
b) i5 (5200u processor)
c) 500Gb Hard drive
d) 3 cell Lion Battery
e) Nvidia (n16v-gm) 2Gb graphics
f) No DVD writer with 2 (USB 3.0) and 1 (USB 2.0)

Lenovo Yoga charging 180$ extra in comparison to Dell. Which one you think I should go for? It would be kind of you to lend me your help in making the right choice.


The Yoga 500 Touch has a better screen and CPU, but the Dell has a much better graphics card and hard drive. I would go for the Dell if you don't need a high-resolution screen, and if you play video games. The bigger onboard storage is also a plus.