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  1. R

    galaxy mega touch screen broken but i want to get my photos off of it how do i do this

    Galaxy mega sgh-1527 screen shot how do i up load my photos onto my computer
  2. B

    Laptop recommendations $1000 or less (uses, and ideas included)

    1. What is your budget? - No more than $1,000 even less if possible. 2. What screen resolution do you want? - I'm not picky. My eyes are bad so crystal clear isn't even that great to me 3 Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? - I wan't a halfway portable solution for school...
  3. T

    Best laptop from this list for everyday use

    Hi all, I am about to begin a 1 year Master's course and am looking to purchase a new laptop for mainly everyday use (word, chrome, excel usage etc). I have shortlisted the following 8 laptops and wondered what people's thoughts were? I want the best spec with respect to value. Particularly...
  4. K

    How do I turn on touch screen function on Dell Ispiron 15 series 7000 after downloading Windows 10? Worked fine before downloa

    After downloading Windows 10, I lost the touch screen function on my newer Dell Inspiron 15. I just got used to it and now I want it back.
  5. J

    Good 4k gaming laptop?

    hi I am looking for a 4k touch screen gaming laptop that has at least a gtx965m but i prefer an 970m and has a backlit keyboard. I also have a budget of around 1500 If anyone know of a great laptop please tell me
  6. S

    no enhancement tab to change to high quality sound

    for some reason on my HP touch screen desktop when i click on sound then speakers and then i don't see an enhancement tab there. I know that there is an enhancement tab because i have an hp laptop that uses the same thing but for some reason theres no enhancement tab. Btw im trying to change the...
  7. J

    envy m6-n010dx touchsceen not functional

    I have been working on a computer (m6-n010dx) with a non-functional touch screen. It is running Win 8.1. My issue is that the touch screen does not show up in the Human Interface Devices in the device manager, so I can not easily troubleshoot it. I have run it through the standard HP...
  8. B

    Touch Screen Laptop Usefulness?

    So in researching to get my wife her new Laptop, we've come across some touchscreen versions that I have shied away from because it generally pushes our budget a little higher than we want to go. That said, my wife said she'd be wiling to spend the extra money if having that feature actually...
  9. D

    Recommendations for a good university laptop

    I am going to university in September and I am looking for a good laptop. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. The study is International Financial Management and Control. I live in The Netherlands, I can ship from other countries. I'd like the laptop to have a keypad since it's...
  10. A

    My keyboard and touch screen on my Toshiba satellite E45t-A4300 quit working after I updated the software

    After updating the software in my Toshiba Satellite E45t-A4300 I can not get the keys to work not alone the touch screen pad keys. I'm locked out. It won't let me even get into restoring.what do I do?
  11. A

    Touch screen support no longer recognized on Windows 8.1?

    I've had the Y50 4K Touch for about a month and everything has been working just great - until today when I opened it up to find the the multi-touch feature no longer working. When I go to PC Info it says "No pen or touch input is available for this display". This used to say something about...
  12. A

    Lenovo Y50 4K Multi-Touch not recognized. Help!

    I've had the Y50 4K Touch for about a month and everything has been working just great - until today. When I opened it up the multi-touch feature no longer worked. When I go to PC Info it says "No pen or touch input is available for this display". This used to say something about how 10 point...
  13. LilTwist

    Best Laptop for Gaming Under 400$ ?

    Like the title says what is the best laptop for gaming "preferably Eve Online" that is under 400$? It does not have to be touch screen just powerful enough to play eve at high settings fluently and do other laptop things like watch movies and search the web with decent speed.
  14. N

    My tablet wont respond to my touch

    My proscan tablet fell on the floor and its not responding to my touch how can i fix it on my own? Please help.
  15. O

    hi my touch screen has stopped working on my Asus, any ideas !

    after an update my touch screen stopped working, this happened once before and i followed a couple of youtube steps and it was ok....until the next update. is this a common problem or do you think my laptop has caught something?
  16. S

    Xps 13 vs surface pro

    I am debating between Surface Pro 3 vs XPS 13 touch screen with i5 processor
  17. T

    Touch Screen or 4K?

    I am planning on getting a new laptop soon and I have the option of getting a touch screen or a 4K display for the same price. Is one option clearly better?