Recently bought a lenovo yoga and find the sensitivity of the touch screen is much too high for my preference. How can I adjus

Apr 21, 2018
Overly sensitive touch-screen keeps sending me around the internet while I am only trying to scroll the screen. Where is the setting to slow the screen down a bit?
Try this...

1. Go to "Control Panel" and then click on "Mouse".
2. Next click on the "Device Settings" tab.
3. Now click "Sensitivity" and then "Touch Sensitivity".
4. Change the settings to what works for you.
5. Once you are done, click "OK" and close the windows it opened.
Apr 21, 2018
If only there was something for to click on called sensitivity that would probably work. Except that choice is not offered. I CAN change what the mouse buttons do or how many lines the scrolling affects. But nothing for sensitivity.

Same applies for 'screen'. Light settings, night mode, size.... nothing about sensitivity.
User interface.... nothing.
Input data.... nothing.

It has to be there somewhere . Just not where I expect to find it.
But thanks for giving it a shot.
Apr 21, 2018

Found a setting for the touchpad that had options for sensitivity farther down in the same list (separate from 'mouse' settings). It clearly was about the 'mousepad' as it also had options for 'right click' ... 'left click'...
Reducing sensitivity there also seems to have adjusted the touch screen on the PC.

So your advice was good... just that on this PC with windows 10, the user should open 'touchpad/mousepad' instead of 'mouse'.

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