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  1. K

    Huawei Matebook X Pro Stylus Problem

    I just recently got the Huawei Matebook X Pro and after confirming with a microsoft representative have purchased a bamboo ink pen that is supposedly compatible (even though it is not on wacom's site). The pen connects and shows up under bluetooth devices and not human interface devices, driver...
  2. J

    In need of a new laptop for Photoshopping

    Hello all, I have gotten good advice from this website in the past, so I thought I'd ask for help here once again. I have two computers at the moment: 1. A half-decent desktop that I primarily use for Photoshopping and digital painting with a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. The specs are something...
  3. S

    digital drawing an graphic tablet

    digital drawing an graphic tablet hello, i need help. my daughter is using Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW Digital Draand wing Graphics Tablet and she wants to connect this device to mac book through usb. but its not working. can any body help
  4. BashTheOutstanding

    I'm an illustrator and 3D animator - Nvidia gtx 970M or Quadro M1000M?

    I'm a freelance illustrator and 3D animator, and I currently use my Asus ROG laptop with my wacom cintiq to produce work. my laptop specs are: GTX 970m intel core i7 - 4710HQ 2.50 GHz 4 cores 32 GB RAM this works brilliantly for me, but the combined weight of the huge laptop, and heavy...
  5. S

    Problem with HP folio 9470m ( wacom intuos ) ?

    hi everyone. I just bought HP folio 9470m and i want to use my intuos draw tablet, but when i plug him in nothing happens. I was tried to install intuos driver but when i start installation i got message (cant start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing ) Can someone help me i...
  6. C

    How do I see if my laptop supports a stylus? Wacom?

    Is there any system setting or something in Device Manager that tells me if my touchscreen laptop supports a pressure sensitive stylus? Basically if its Wacom or not. My laptop: ASUS Q524uQ
  7. M

    Best drawing software

    Hi all Soo ill be getting a wacom tablet and I dont know what software to get. Should I get like the autodesk sketchbook pro, or like photoshop or should I go with Krita? Ill be using it for drawing, paintjng, sketching. I would like some photo manipulation possibly.
  8. S

    tablet pc for engineering school

    I'm attending an engineering college in august, and they require i have a tablet-pc with set requirements. Core i5 or greater 192 GB ssd OR 256 gb hdd Has to have a inked digitizer, that is a wacom or s pen type stylus support Windows 8.1 pro, or windows 10 8 gb of ram. And then the obvious...
  9. yomotsu

    my drawing tablet wont detect the pen..!

    my wacom bamboo tablet suddenly stopped reading the pen.. yes, i installed the correct driver and have tried restarting the pc sometimes when i drag the pen to a corner it responds, but instead of the cursor normally working, it freaks out and spazzes all over. as of now i'm running this on...
  10. X

    How to run to windows at the same PC at the same time !@

    ^ Hello everyone, I really need a way to RUN 2 windows that run at the same time and at the same PC ! it would be better to run it on 2 different Monitors !
  11. C

    2 in 1 with wacom digtitizer

    Hi there, I need some help looking for a 2 in 1 laptop I’m an artist/ student and I’m looking for a laptop that I can draw on. It NEEDS to be able to hold Adobe Creative Cloud and I want to be able to draw directly on it with a pen. Some of the specs I would prefer are: Convertible to tablet...
  12. S

    Wacom tablet Help

    Hello guys I am a proffesional artist and I wish to purchase an wacom tablet for my work my estimated budget is from $100 to $ 300 . Recommendation of some model would be very helpful .
  13. P

    Laptop help, Graphic Design Student

    This question is really easy to label as TLDR and move on but bear with me guys. Hey guys! I'm looking for a laptop for school and I've been having a really hard time finding things that meet what I need. Lol. First major Hurdle is I hate Mac. From what I understand, the only real reason...
  14. A

    Surface Pro 3

    Hi everyone I'm considering on buying a slim laptop that can run Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, and Zbrush, anyone knows if the Surface Pro 3 i7 better than a Macbook Pro Retina(along with a wacom). Note: I've never used a Mac before and I'm really a noob with things. I would like to know if...
  15. S

    laptop construction basics

    Hi there - I am an innovating type of person. I am looking for advice on building a laptop to save money because I am tired of paying too much money. expensive things like bread, eyewear, Wacom's, restaurants, vacations, rent inspire me to innovate. if I had a laptop that I built myself I could...
  16. T

    Major stuttering in premier - dont know why

    ok, i3770 3.5 24 gig ram 1333 ( 23.2 usable) win 7 64x ultimate Wacom touch pen interface 2x Ati Radeon 6870 1gb gddr5 ( usually un-crossfired) now, I more than meet the minimum needs for adobe premier, but sometimes, when I am using it, it grinds to a near halt and "becomes unresponsive"...
  17. ZenShredder

    Surface Pro 2, Cintiq Companion, What Do You Recommend?

    So as digital artists, my girlfriend and I have decided to buy a portable Tablet-PC because it's just something we'd like to have. We mainly work in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, with the exception of my girlfriend working in Maya and similar programs for animation. I've been looking at...
  18. A

    Looking for high-powered convertible laptop

    I'm preparing for college right now, and I'm trying to work through their very strict laptop requirements. Their minimum reqs are as follows: -OS: Windows 7 Pro or 8 Pro -CPU: 4th-gen i5 or i7 M or U (not Y) -RAM: 8GB -Storage: 256 SSD or Hybrid -WLAN: a/g/n dual band -LAN: Gigabit ethernet...
  19. M

    Wacom Intous Small Pen Tablet & my OS ?

    Hello.. this Might be or in fact it is a silly question but anyway.. I just need to make sure Before I check-out & Pay for it.. I'm Going to Buy this Tablet that I like : Wacom Intous Pen Small ... Now the official site says that the System Requirements is the following : (( USB port...
  20. V

    Need a mid-range laptop for school & graphic design

    I'm looking to replace my old HP netbook (which has finally given out on me) with a much better (relatively speaking) laptop I can use for drawing and casual gaming in addition to my usual schoolwork. 1. What is your budget? about $700 (total budget minus cost of Photoshop) 2. What is the...
  21. exfileme

    Wacom's Sketch Pen Ditches the Digitizer Tablet

    Wacom's new Inkling digitally traces your quick sketches in real time so that the drawings can be altered later in Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketchbook Pro. Wacom's Sketch Pen Ditches the Digitizer Tablet : Read more
  22. R

    Wacom and 64 bit applications

    Hello fellow Graphic Artists, I acquired at great expense at the weekend the Wacom Intuios 4 tablet only to find that the problems with 64 bit applications appears not to fixed, both my Max 2011 and Photoshop CS5 would not start. Had to uninstall the driver for the tablet in order to get my work...
  23. J

    Photoshop CS4 brush lag and Wacom support broke!

    Still waiting for Adobe to fix apparent problems in Photoshop CS4 within their brush and OpenGL GPU video engines. To date, I have found no workable resolutions for all of the similar complaints spread across web forums to address brush lag, Wacom tablet pressure sensitive functionality broken...