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    Solved! Please help me with limited needs outdoor IP cam

    First let me say I've tried two and they havent worked out. I've used a Zomodo, which I really liked, and a Momentom that was sold to me as an outdoor cam but wasn't. The capability of these cameras met my needs , but they were not for use outside. I even started looking at trail cameras with...
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    Any good gaming laptops that aren't expensive?

    Hello, So I want to buy a gaming laptop but i'm not so familiar with all the brands that are out there but I heard that alienware and asus are the best. So any suggestion for an gaming laptop even if its from those brands I don't mind I want one that isnt so expensive. I already own a gaming...
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    Looking for a decent bridge or DSLR camera for around $150~220

    Hey Tom's Guides, I am in need of a camera for some basic photography and video recording. Now, I am somewhat new to this field and I was looking for something that could record 1920x1080 at 30/fps so I could upload footage to YouTube and Social Media. Now, I want something that has a bit...