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  1. L

    Solved! How to combine two audio inputs as one?

    I have an guitar amp input through 3.5mm audio cable, and a usb headset. How could I make my computer treat these as one input, completely digitally, so I can use it as an input for Voicemod?
  2. readbeancass

    Solved! New custom-built PC won't detect detachable mic on headphones

    Hello all. I recently built a PC that I will use for both programming and gaming. When I was about to use the mic on my headphones, I get a warning message that no input is being detected from the mic. The mic perfectly works on my PS4, laptop, and even android phone. I tried plugging it in the...
  3. jsmoke

    Question audio can't play while mic on enabled, vise versa

    any headset i connect to my pc is unable to play audio through the headphones option in sounds preferences, unless the mic is disabled. if i select headset as the default device, i can have audio and input, but the audio quality is terrible. i have tried reinstalling windows and realtek...