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    Guys i uninstalled my windows by mistake while i was trying to download a new windows 10 (because the old one kept crashing) i

    Guys I uninstalled my windows by mistake while I was trying to download a new Windows 10 (because the old one kept crashing) I tried to the new windows 10 from a cd and when I did, it said 'compatibility error' I tried to look for a solution by using google on this laptop but the way to solve...
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    How to Abort Install of Windows 10?

    Hello, I just made an account for this sole purpose. I was playing with some friends on my desktop PC next to my laptop. I left my laptop running next to me while playing, and it just went into standby after a while, then windows 10 started installing by itself for a bit without me noticing, so...
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    Can't install windows 10 on freedos Asus X550J

    Hey guys, I've bought a free dos Asus model X550J and I'm trying to install windows on this laptop. During the installation, right after "installing features" or " installing updates" I'm getting an error that installation files are corrupted and I should contact the vendor. What have I tried...
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    Samsung 850 Evo SSD installation - crashed hard drive

    Hello, I realize this question may have been asked but I can't seem to find a thread that relates exactly to my problem so I sincerely appreciate your help! My situation is this. My hard drive crashed and I got the 850 EVO SSD to run as my replacement internal drive. No cords came with it, or...
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    How do I make my sd card the default download and installation location in my lg optimus exceed?

    Need help with memory
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    I updated toshiba satellite, now will not allow me to logon

    Hi there, I did an update on my Toshiba satellite and now it won't even let me log on. When I turn it on, it just brings up an error message 'Install Windows - the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click...
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    Can I download the 32 bit Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on a computer that is 64 bit?

    The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is not downloading correctly on my home computer, which has a 32 bit processor. I had thought to try to download to USB on my work computer, which is 64 bit. When I try to do this, I get a message telling me I have chosen the incorrect architecture. Well, yes...
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    HTMLayout.dll missing - AVG won't install

    Hello! I wanted to install AVG Free antivirus. Mid-installation, it asked me to reboot. After rebooting, though, it couln't continue installing because HTMLayout.dll was missing. I've two options - fix my missing *.dll file or stop AVG from trying to install every time I reboot my PC. In the...