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  1. S

    online4. Write the program to declare Single dimensional array that stores (5) integer values and perform following operations

    i am very obliged if u solve this program...i'm in a great difficulty,my university quiz will held tomorrow ,i want to get good grades
  2. G

    Switch Statement for Strings in C

    So I'm new to coding and have been trying to learn C as a base first language. I've hit a block when it comes to the way C handles strings. For example, I tried to write a very simple program that asks the user what shape they're trying to calculate the area for, and then give back the result...
  3. A

    i need help and it's really urgent

    convert a positive integer code into its english name equivalent for digit. A valid code is of size between four (4) to six (6) digits inclusive. A zero is not allowed in the code. example : if the input is 234056 the output is : INVALID CODE (PRESENCE OF ZERO) if the input is 23456 the output...
  4. T

    Pascal Help ? 6 errors that I do not know how to fix

    Program TypeofCreditCard; Var AppliName: array[1..99] of String; SSnum: array[1..99] of Integer; GSal: array[1..99] of Integer; TSalD: array[1..99] of Integer; Name, CC : String; Rep,Exp, GS,NS,Sum,TSD , YS,SSN,i,C_Amt,PofIncome : integer ; Begin Writeln ( 'Enter applicants...
  5. shiftyape

    i need help fixing this pascal program

    program whileloop; var x:integer; answer:string; num:integer; begin num:=12345; writeln('type "12345" if you would like to see nubers squaring up to 4096'); readln(answer); if answer = num then begin writeln('press enter to see the numbers'); readln; end...
  6. M

    create a program that takes a big integer and prints the largest digit in that integer

    write a c++ program that takes a large number and prints the largest integer within that large number
  7. Z

    Ineger array

    Write a C++ program that inputs an integer array and checks if all the elements in the array are unique .
  8. manicmike

    Java Homework... Too many windows (GUI)

    My program works except for one problem. I run it, it pops up a GUI and allows me to enter text as required... but if I look at my task bar on the bottom of the screen, there are 2 more instances of the GUI. When I close one instance of the GUI, it closes all other instances. The program outputs...
  9. hk3008

    Integer Swapping

    ok so I have #include <iostream> #include <cmath> #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; void swap ( int &x, int &y); int main() { int number; cout << "x is "; cin >> number; int x = number; cout << "y is "; cin >> number; int y = number; swap( x, y); cout << "Swapped the...
  10. hk3008

    Integer Increase

    #include<cmath> #include<iostream> using namespace std; int x1 = 1; int x2 = 1; int x3 = x1 + x2; while true{ cout << x3 << " "; then x1 = x2; x2 = x3; x3 = x1+ x2; cout << x1 << " " << x2 << " "; } return 0; so I am trying to make a program increase the ingteger by one...
  11. Z

    How to find the volume of a cube in programming

    i need to adapt this program to find the volume of a cube Dim Radius As Integer = 5 Dim Area As Double Const Pi As Double = 3.14159265 Area = Pi * (Radius^2) MsgBox(Area)