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  1. hubertkocur1337

    Question Is it possible for me to upgrade my laptop CPU?

    Hello. I have a MSI GV62 7RE laptop (link below) with a Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz. Im wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to an i7 or even an i9 cpu. I hope anybody can help. thx in advance
  2. K

    XPS 13 9350 CPU Running Slow

    While rendering a video with Premiere Pro, my XPS 13 9350 with a Core i5-6500U started running really slowly. Based on the Task Manager, I was able to see that the CPU was refusing to go over 0.38GHz and 16% usage. I've tried restarting multiple times, as well as disabling C-states and Intel...
  3. S

    Sony Vaio F Series Slow on battery

    Hello all, Without babbling around the forest too much, I will get straight to my problem. I own a Sony VAIO VPCF235FA that I purchased for $2,100 AUD back in 2012. I spent a premium price on a machine that will serve me for a long time, and remain future proof. Ever since I upgraded the...
  4. mig22

    Which is much better? A laptop with Intel Core i5: HD 4600 or AMD A8-7100

    Hi! Im trying to find a good laptop that can let me do everyday task and can also play good racing games and platform games... Here are the spec: CPU: Intel Core i5 iGPU: HD 4600 Dedicated GPU: None Ram/HDD: 4GB DDR3/500 GB OS: DOS the other CPU: AMD A8-7100 iGPU: AMD Radeon R5 7100 Dedicated...
  5. I

    I need a good laptop that will run minecraft 100+ fps $1000

    I'm looking for a laptop that will run minecraft 100+ fps Price limit: $1000 Please don't ask me why I don't just build a gaming desktop because, I'm picking a laptop because I'm traveling alot.