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  1. SSGB8

    Question Something wrong screen after putting new parts

    Nubia Red Magic 3 Nx629j, I did have warranty but ran out, battery from Amazon, power button from AliExpress ( it was only place selling it) I could have send it to company but they charge $300 to fix. I brought a new battery and power button for my phone but when charger in the screen just...
  2. Hyperstar

    Question Scratch lines in monitor

    photos: View: Hello, I recently bought a new LCD display monitor for my laptop and installed it replacing my old one which stopped working for my Asus Gaming laptop. There are these blue/white looking scratched lines on the display and I only see them when it's...
  3. J

    How to set applications to install on SD directly?

    Hello, just like title says, I need to install apps directly on SD. I want to download a free version of Wolfs Among Us ( 2.5GB ). If you're familiar with APKs and heavy games, you know that when you download game from Play store, game is not downloaded because it directs you to screen where you...
  4. Myntekt

    Asus Xonar U7 vs Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD

    Hello, I want a sound card for my PC, but I don't really want to get an internal one, so getting one of those is out of the question. As of the other option, I'm not sure which one of the two sound cards has a better sound quality. I'm talking about the Asus Xonar U7 and the Creative Sound...