How to set applications to install on SD directly?


Nov 5, 2014
Hello, just like title says, I need to install apps directly on SD. I want to download a free version of Wolfs Among Us ( 2.5GB ). If you're familiar with APKs and heavy games, you know that when you download game from Play store, game is not downloaded because it directs you to screen where you need to wait while your phone is downloading game's data.

That's where my problem comes in! I don't have enough space to download game on my internal card, so I need to put it on SD. I have tried almost everything on internet, but it doesn't work ( Haven't tried rooting my phone to use root apps to move system folder ). My phone is LG P760. LG's phones dont have option to choose where is Android folder ( I have used HTC Desire S, and my Android file was ALWAYS on SD card. PS : Game itself installs ONLY in Android folder\data. So, If Android system folder on internal, I can't install game on external ). I need someone to help me make my Android folder get transfered on SD card.
I've tried this already, but I always get stuck on command prompt because my device doesn't get recongized :

Please help me!