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  1. runner105

    Solved! Old Android System Apps

    So I just got a new phone [Motorola Edge Plus] and it runs Android 10. I like the OS so far, but can't stand a few of the new system apps. [Phone dialer, contacts, and calculator] I would like to transfer the ones from my old phone [Motorola DROID Turbo 2] that was running Android 7. But when...
  2. C

    Can you download Android APK Files to Panasonic Smart TV?

    My brother came over from Europe last month and we have an Android TV box with an app we downloaded from an APK file online that gives us 200 all HD premium channels from our country. My brother has a Panasonic Smart TV and I always have the APK file on a USB key as I give them the channels...
  3. D

    App to enter dialer codes

    Yeah, so I have android studio installed, v.1.4 Not sure what I am doing. I have the 5 buttons that I want all set up looking all pretty, now I want to make each button open the dialer and dial the code without calling. I tried some bogus app builder that tried to call the code, so that sucked...
  4. J

    How to set applications to install on SD directly?

    Hello, just like title says, I need to install apps directly on SD. I want to download a free version of Wolfs Among Us ( 2.5GB ). If you're familiar with APKs and heavy games, you know that when you download game from Play store, game is not downloaded because it directs you to screen where you...
  5. tambeshakunt

    APK Files on S4 ??

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT I9505) running Android 4.3. I recently wanted to install an .apk file onto my phone and looked up the several methods. I have tried many methods but all of them lead to the same problem. :( The .apk installs ok and launches fine but about 2 seconds...