Solved! Old Android System Apps

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Jul 6, 2018
So I just got a new phone [Motorola Edge Plus] and it runs Android 10. I like the OS so far, but can't stand a few of the new system apps. [Phone dialer, contacts, and calculator] I would like to transfer the ones from my old phone [Motorola DROID Turbo 2] that was running Android 7. But when I try to copy them over with an apk extractor, the apps refuse to install. Is there a way to get the older apps on the new phone without rooting?

Someone said that I shouldn't try this and brought up the concern: "Before, apps had to much control and permissions to access many system components (storage, location, camera, and even other apps) and that have been limited with new updates.
Now the user has more control over which areas and permissions an app has."

But this should not cause any problems with instalation, and shouldn't be a security risk either considering that these are system bundled apps and are obviously trustworthy. I'm pretty lost on this idea, so any help here is greatly appreciated.
Without rooting the phone, no. Even if you manage to install them the phone may crash with those outdated apps not designed for the new phone.
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