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  1. runner105

    Solved! Old Android System Apps

    So I just got a new phone [Motorola Edge Plus] and it runs Android 10. I like the OS so far, but can't stand a few of the new system apps. [Phone dialer, contacts, and calculator] I would like to transfer the ones from my old phone [Motorola DROID Turbo 2] that was running Android 7. But when...

    Transfer everything between 2 laptops

    I recently got a new laptop, and I need to transfer everything between my old one and my new one (Programs, schoolwork, etc). I have tried Macrium Reflect to no avail. I /can/ take the hard drive out of the old one, but /cannot/ take the drive out of the new one. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. T

    Transferring game progress from Android to iPhone

    Is there any way to transfer the progress of games like "Hill Climb Racing" from Android to iPhone (Play Games to iCloud)?
  4. GeRgY

    How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Android #2

    How to Move Installed Apps to SD Card in Android? Almost every smart phone or tablet that is available nowadays in the market and uses android OS has an additional memory card slot in which users can insert the SD card to get additional data storage space (most of the android devices). If your...
  5. klear6

    Can't Transfer Files On/To External Devices

    I am having an extremely serious and irritating problem - please help if you can. I am having trouble moving data to external sources via USB. It always happens partwaY through a transfer. It gives me messages like the transfer could not be completed, that the device is no longer found, or the...
  6. S

    How do i transfer my music files from internal storage to my SD card? For a LG tribute 2.

    How do i transfer my music files from internal storage to my SD card? For a LG tribute 2.
  7. F

    Can I transfer Fifa 15 to a Flash Drive

    I've got a new laptop and would like to transfer my fav game: Fifa onto it. I don't want to re-download it because my internet connection is not that great. So I was wondering if transferring it onto a USB and then onto the laptop would work. If so, how would you go about doing it?