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  1. runner105

    Solved! Old Android System Apps

    So I just got a new phone [Motorola Edge Plus] and it runs Android 10. I like the OS so far, but can't stand a few of the new system apps. [Phone dialer, contacts, and calculator] I would like to transfer the ones from my old phone [Motorola DROID Turbo 2] that was running Android 7. But when...
  2. I

    My phone isn't working right

    When charging, my phone gets warm, then when it's off the charger it gets pretty warm (39 degrees Celsius according to Geekbench) and the battery drops like crazy. A few days ago, when I get home from school before that day, my phone was at like 96%, now when I get back it's hot and at like...
  3. rotech8

    Need help with budget cel purchase ( future-proof as possible...)

    OK, I am not in a position to spend $500+ on a phone that's going to be obsolete in 2-3 years. Right now I have a 2014 (?) Nexus 5, which I bought new "old stock' for about $200. Perfectly happy with it, and I'd love to keep it another couple of years but they have announced it's only good for...