My phone isn't working right

Oct 20, 2018
When charging, my phone gets warm, then when it's off the charger it gets pretty warm (39 degrees Celsius according to Geekbench) and the battery drops like crazy. A few days ago, when I get home from school before that day, my phone was at like 96%, now when I get back it's hot and at like 36%. Does anyone know what's wrong?


Apr 4, 2018

That's usually the first signs of a faulty battery. May be time for a replacement.
Oct 20, 2018

I just bought this phone though...

Well, it will depend on what you are doing with the phone, to determine how fast the battery is/isn't draining. The more the screen is on and lit, the faster it will drain. That is on top of any apps you have running, even when you aren't actively using them, plus whatever ones you are using.

Games, videos, etc. will drain it even faster.

The heating of the battery could be a fault, but I have to ask 'where are you keeping the phone'? If keeping it say in a pants pocket, then it can heat up more.

If none of the above applies, and it is brand new, either take it back and have them exchange it, or if past the exchange date then contact the manufacturer about a replacement.
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