Question Laptop overheating when charging

May 20, 2023
I bought a used XPS 9510. When it's charging I feel the device overheating specially on the left side of the body, and the CPU temps spike to 100 degrees. I have to adjust the fans to max speed in order to keep them under 90 and it makes a lot of noise for this. I bought the laptop just 2 weeks ago and the battery already shows a 1.9% degradation after my use. Also there's a gap in the chassis's body at the front and a bit of a swell at the end of the trackpad, as if it was caused by a spicy pillow ( Swelling at the front ), but I don't know if it was a problem before or if it's the problem I'm having now.

Any way I can find out what's wrong with my laptop? And what do you think I should do?