Need help with budget cel purchase ( future-proof as possible...)


May 16, 2014
OK, I am not in a position to spend $500+ on a phone that's going to be obsolete in 2-3 years.

Right now I have a 2014 (?) Nexus 5, which I bought new "old stock' for about $200.
Perfectly happy with it, and I'd love to keep it another couple of years but they have announced it's only good for another year or so ( no Android 7 support, only another year of security patches). :(Plus I dropped it a couple of months ago,breaking a couple of the plastic back-tabs, and now the sim card intermittently stops working. ( have to power down and pop it out and back in again...)

Anyway, looking for similar 'bargain' phone, was hoping to learn from those who have gone before!

I do have these requirements:

must have minimum Android 6 and be guaranteed upgradeable to Android 7
must have built in Qi support ( wireless charging)
must be 'pocketable' ( no larger than 144x70 mm)
A big bonus: Metal or glass back ( no flimsy plastic cases, please ).

I'm not hopeful that all that can be had for $200, but could go a bit higher - maybe $350?
I probably would have SPLURGED on a Nexus 5X, except they REMOVED the Qi functionality(!!!)

I mainly use a phone as a CAMERA and handy wifi web device.
Very rarely make or take phone calls or text messages (I am on $20 a month "NO DATA" phone plan, and intend to stay that way...)

Anyway, that's my question, any and all tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated...

PS: Actually, I guess I should really be shooting for a phone that will "definitely" be getting Android "O"... and could stretch the budget to USD$400...

And again:

must have built in Qi support ( wireless charging)
must be 'pocketable' ( no larger than 144x70 mm)