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  1. viveknayyar007

    Increase Screen Contrast In iOS 11

    Increasing the contrast in your iDevice running iOS 11 means making the texts and icons a bit more clearly visible. This is useful for those who find it hard to view the objects with the default display settings. When you increase the contrast, the transparency level is optimized, thus making...
  2. viveknayyar007

    Remove Apps Installed on Your iOS 11 Device

    You are likely, and expected, to install several apps on your iOS device for your personal, professional, or entertainment purposes. Since not all apps are helpful or useful to you, it’s a good idea to remove them as soon as you find them unnecessary. Removing unwanted apps not only frees up the...
  3. viveknayyar007

    Remotely Wipe Data from a Stolen iPhone

    Your iPhone may contain important data and the kind of information that you don’t want anyone else to access. That said, in case your phone gets stolen, you must either get it back or wipe all your sensitive info from it in order to keep the records from being misused in any manner. Here’s how...
  4. viveknayyar007

    Delete Songs from Your iPhone In iOS 11

    You may not always have access to your computer to connect your iPhone to and manage the songs in your iTunes library. That said, if you’re away from your Mac or Windows PC, you can still delete some unwanted tracks from your iPhone. Here’s how: ■Launch the Music app Tap the Music icon from the...
  5. viveknayyar007

    Access Safari Tab History In iOS 11

    Even if you have been working on several tabs in Safari web browser in your iOS 11 device, you might still use one of those to visit multiple sites, especially when their corresponding URLs are hyperlinked on the page you’re currently viewing. Because of this, you may end up losing the track of...