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  1. Ozzyrules

    Question Iphone 6s jail break

    Ok so I would like to jailbreak my iphone 6s but I'm not quite sure if I am on the right os or not I think its 12.0.1 not 100 on that tho
  2. R

    Can an AT&T/cricket phone if I jailbreak a T-Mobile phone

    Just trying to find out the best way to do a break iPhone so it can be used on any network preferably a T-Mobile/ simple mobile/TracFone phone to an AT&T/cricket phone
  3. M

    Solved! Android Jailbreak free

    How can I jailbreak my Alcatel _5044R 7.0 version
  4. M

    Solved! Do I have to jailbreak my galaxy alpha to change from att to total wireless?

    Do I have to jailbreak my galaxy alpha to change from att to total wireless? I just Ned to change my provider
  5. B

    I’ve surfed the entire internet for jailbreaking my iPhone SE (which I’ve updated to iOS 12) but I couldn’t locate any apps or

    I’ve surfed the entire internet for jailbreaking my iPhone SE (which I’ve updated to iOS 12) but I couldn’t locate any apps or tools to assist me in jailbreaking my iPhone SE. I’ve been trying for over a week now! I don’t want to spend any money on jailbreaking my iPhone SE. I’ve spent over...
  6. R

    jailbreak sprint samsung galaxy J7 Refine

    how can I a hammer fisted hack jailbreak a samsung galaxyj7 refine?
  7. K

    How to jailbreak my jp5 tablet

    I've recently been released and do notvwant to be charged for sending my jp5 tablet to to unlocked. What can I do
  8. S

    Jailbreaking a phone

    I jujust been given an Cricket brand ZTE Blade Max-x by my nephew who was tiered of me having to go t to the public library for free WiFi..NOW dat I have dis phone how do I use WiFi to start using it?
  9. B

    Jailbreak my phone

    Jailbreaking Samsung galaxy amp prime
  10. M

    Help me please

    Trying to jailbreak a LG K8. I've looked all over Google and tried to get a code an haven't had any luck. Can someone help me please?
  11. M

    How to jailbreak stylo 4

    Have a metro pcs stylo 4 I need it unlocked
  12. E

    Jailbreak garmin drive6

    Bought garmin drive6 from a friend who was in need and he didn't have no receipt which contained the activation code we didn't know about
  13. R

    Jailbreak my phone

    How can u jailbreak a ZTE BLADE X MAX. MY sister in law gave it to me?
  14. Y

    Solved! Is there a way to jailbreak my lg aristo?

    Im just curious because i know you can do it on I phones.
  15. S

    how to jailbreak my phone

    How do I jailbreak my Samsung galaxy s5
  16. B

    Jailbreak stylo 2

    Im trying to figure out how to jailbreak my lg stylo 2 on straightalk so i can update the os from 5.1.1 to 6.0 and im having trouble can someone please help
  17. L

    How to jailbreak

    How do I jailbreak my iPhone 7S plus
  18. J

    jailbreak samsung galaxy j7

    how to jail break without a chip
  19. B

    How do i factory reset kyocera hydro without the imei number

    I need help jailbreaking kyocera hydro please
  20. I

    Is Jailbreaking a Firestick to show free movies illegal

    There is this ad I saw on craigslist where this guy is jailbreaking a firestick to work and show free movies, is this legal, or is the a scam? Ive heard some people are doing it but isnt that like piracy?
  21. Deniedstingray

    Solved! How to jailbreak an iphone 5?

    So i have heard of jailbreaking apple products for years but i never gave it a try. I want to give it a try now but it seems to have devolved into a scam with a bunch of videos saying "Jailbreak no computer required!" Then it leads you to a page on your phone where you have to download an app...
  22. S

    LG K10 Phone

    Can anyone help me jailbreak an LG K10 phone that has a 4 digit code and I can't figure it out? It belonged to my Aunt that passed away recently and we are trying to get anything we can off of it. It is a straight talk phone if that makes a difference.
  23. J

    Solved! Jailbreak HTC Verizon

    How to jailbreak an HTC Verizon cell phone
  24. F

    Update iOS after jailbreak

    I have jailbroken my 1st gen iPad, now I need to know how to update the iOS from 5.1.1 to higher. Can someone please let me know how to do this! Thanks.
  25. S

    upgrade IPad 1

    Trying to upgrade my IPad 1 . Very new to this so here's the dumb question...What is jailbreak? I have heard so many talk about this and don't know what you mean or even how to do it?
  26. S

    Jailbreak ZTE model820z

    want to use my strait talk sim in t model ZTE model 820z
  27. M

    more data to your phone that you all ready have

    how you jailbreak or reroot where you can have better and longer data service with your carrier
  28. PeterKendrick

    would jailbreak solves IPad 2 wifi issue and slow performance?

    I have an old IPad 2 on iOS 9 in spare and thought of utilizing it since my air 2 is broke. But, I had issue with wifi range in IPad 2 and it would disconnect up on moving far from the router. Also, it is giving me slow performance. If I jailbreak it, would this solve these problems like rooting...
  29. R

    How to jailbreak and unlock sprint iPhone 6 9.3.1

    Sprint iPhone 6 unlock and jailbreak
  30. A

    iphone snapsave lost pictures

    hi, my friend had an app on his iphone that saved snapchat pictures he received (yeah those ones), but he can't login into the app annymore because they abandoned it. Is there anny way to get the pictures back? I have the data on my computer but i don't know how to possibly open it up. btw he's...
  31. S

    jailbreak iOS 9.1?

    Sorry if this post doesnt belong here. i have been trying to jailbreak my iphone (9.1) but not having any luck finding anything. would i need to downgrade the firmware?
  32. K

    rooting , jailbreaking and custom rom

    guys can any one explain me what is the difference between rooting, jailbreaking and custom rom......because iam not familiar with all this things...
  33. T

    Cant root my Xperia Z Help!

    I have been wanting to root my Xperia z for a while now, but cant seem to find any tool that will do it. Any Help would be appreciated ☺
  34. W

    Unlock US Cellular phone

    My friend gave me there old Galaxy Note 2 lte from US Cellular and I need to unlock it so I can use it with Straight Talk but I cant have the US Cellular store unlock it due to my friend still owing a past bill. Is there any way to unlock it?
  35. foolishcreature

    Ipad Running Laggy Fix?

    I have an Ipad 2 32GB jailbroken device. Recently it started running very slowing and it is very irritating is there anything I can do to fix this. I have alot of free GB space so what could be the problem. I close my apps too ,so does anyone know a fix for it?
  36. K

    how can i jailbreak my huawei phone

    How can I hair break my huawei phone
  37. Akalanka Umayanga

    iPhone 4 jailbreak

    Can i jailbreak my iphone 4 with redsn0w IOS 7. if i cant jailbreak my device with redsn0w what is the best softwear to do it.
  38. E

    How to change skin in Minecraft Pocket Edition without jailbreak?

    How do you change skin in minecraftu pe without jail breaking
  39. K

    Tell me about jailbreaking, rooting and unlocking

    How do you jailbreak a phone?
  40. S

    How to root SM-G530H,4.4.4

    Rooting jailbreaking & unlocking
  41. mitchmatch

    How to install snes Rom's

    How do I install Rom's onto a snes emulator iPad jailbreak
  42. ry4n_1337

    Is it worth Jailbreaking?

    This has been asked all over the internet, but with the newer jailbreaks and iOS versions, everything is changing. What you need to answer for me is each bold title I have written. Should I Jailbreak? I am wondering if I should jailbreak my 16GB Space Gray iPhone 5S. Jailbreaking is legal so...
  43. old_legend

    how to jailbreak android jellybean 4.2.2?

    hi i am new to android OS i had idevices which i jailbreaked now i want to jailbreak this one its android jellybean 4.2.2 mobile is Qmobile A36 thank you..
  44. S

    Bricked iPad 1st Gen, Need Help!

    I currently have a bricked iPad 1st Gen. and I really need to recover some data off of it. I've seen many tutorials on transferring data through the computer but, during all of them the device needs to be on, it can't be in DFU mode or booting up ( Infinite Boot Loop) . I really need help, I...
  45. J

    unlimited data for phone?

    hello so i just had an idea. my girlfriend pays $2 a day and get unlimited data/calls/texts. but she cannot use personal hotspot (because the plan won't let her, instead theres an alternative of same plan but with 500mb of data and personal hotspot compatibility) so we can't download stuff or...
  46. R

    How do I jailbreak my PS3 Slim?

    Hi guys, so I want to jailbreak my 2/3 year old PS3 Slim. So I know that you need to downgrade your current software version (In my case 4.55) to 3.55 and then update to 4.55 again but then with a jailbroken version of 4.55 or something else. But I heard you need E3 Flasher to downgrade your...
  47. W

    How to restore Jailbroken Iphone 4s without updating?

    I have a 32gb AT&T Iphone 4s running on jailbroken 5.0.1. I need to restore my iphone, and I do NOT want to update. I don't really want to keep the jailbreak either. The only things I need to keep are my notes (they don't need to go back on the phone, just need the text), and if possible...
  48. diamondhindend

    Is it possible to "un-jailbreak" my iPhone?

    I was thinking about jail-breaking my phone, but I'm not sure if I'll want to keep it that way. If I do jailbreak it, can I un-jailbreak it? I'm using the iPhone 4
  49. Roadsguy

    Surface Jailbreak not working - Missing registry key?

    I downloaded the Jailbreak tool and Win86emu onto my Surface RT. I extracted runExploit.bat and the other files to my desktop and ran it, pressing R when prompted. Instead of working, the window says: ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value. Waiting for uptime...
  50. M

    Jailbreak ios 6.1.5

    Hi I want to be able to jail break my iPod touch but I can't at the moment with jailbreakme. I want to use this software to do so and I was wondering when it will be available and is jailbreakme 3.0 the latest version Thanks
  51. C

    IPOD touch 2g wont be restored

    I have an IPOD touch 2g and I went to jailbreak it and it didn't work after. It just shows the USB plugging into itunes icon. And when I plug my ipo into my computer it charges the ipod but it wont be recognised by itunes or my computer. when I go into device manager it does not show up at...
  52. Z

    Record 7 Million iOS 6 iPhone, iPads Jailbroken in 4 Days

    Evasi0n becomes most popular jailbreak in history. Record 7 Million iOS 6 iPhone, iPads Jailbroken in 4 Days : Read more
  53. Z

    First iOS 6 Jailbreak Launches; Will Hack the iPhone 5

    Software to jailbreak iOS 6 device runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. First iOS 6 Jailbreak Launches; Will Hack the iPhone 5 : Read more
  54. R

    Evasi0n jailbreak

    When I launch the evasi0n jailbreak utility should I run it in admin mode?
  55. Z

    iOS 6 Jailbreak Confirmed, Launching on February 3

    Team evasi0n, consisting of the original iPhone hackers, near completion on a jailbreak. iOS 6 Jailbreak Confirmed, Launching on February 3 : Read more
  56. G

    Jailbreak android huawei u8652 free

    Hello, i wanna use my huawei u8652 #357294042938744# with my straight talk sim but its not reconizing it.....please help...thanx
  57. G

    Windows Surface RT Jailbreak Tool Released

    It was only a matter of time. Windows Surface RT Jailbreak Tool Released : Read more
  58. walkingepidemic

    Does iTunes stitch SHSH at restore?

    Hey guys, recently I mistakenly updated to iOS 6. But, not having saved my SHSH, I am unable to downgrade, and thus, jailbreak. My question is: when I restored my iPad a few months ago to 5.1.1, would this have saved the SHSH to the ipsw, or will I have to continue my agonising wait for the iOS...
  59. B

    Jailbreak customization

    I've been looking around Cydia trying to find a replacement for the slide to unlock but more of a "tap to unlock" button. I'm trying to get a video game start menu screen theme going on and change "tap to unlock" to "Start" so I can pretend I'm about to play my favorites games on my phone and be...
  60. G

    New iOS 6 Jailbreak Integrates Cydia App Store

    Jailbreakers make progress in cracking iOS 6. New iOS 6 Jailbreak Integrates Cydia App Store : Read more