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  1. B

    NOnsense AD n app

    i was using my phone normally and suddenly i dnt know what happend i saw my phone root itself and seenin nonsense ads n downloading apps which i didnt even as to.. i tried factory reseting it didnt go...later i found it was a trogen called ghost push trojan..wat should i do??can i just update my...
  2. Gumbletron

    How do I Manually update my G'zone Android Phone?

    I have a G'zone android and it is currently running android 2.3.3 and I want to update it to KitKat or Jellybean but I can't figure out how. I need to update it through the computer because I can't update it directly from the phone. I will, and know how to, root it if necessary.
  3. N

    Stuck on phone logo Smartphone

    Please,Help I have ArcMobile 401D 4.2.2 android Jelly Bean ...I was on the root folder of my SmartPhone then i go to System and go to Apps then i deleted apk`s and something i thought it will decrease the phone usage of My Internal Memory...
  4. DJRWolf

    Looking for feedback on tablet choices.

    Thinking of getting a tablet and wanted some feedback on a couple that I'm looking at. Zenithink C94 16GB Quad Core 1.2ghz Cortex A9 Android 4.1 10.2" Capacitive 10.1" Ainol Novo Hero II hero 2 QUAD CORE A9 1.5GHz Android 4.1